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Keep Summer Pool Parties Going With PilyQ Barcelona’s Resort-Ready Tunics, Dresses, And Cover-Ups

With the September Equinox looming ahead, schools going back into session, and fall fashions being displayed in store windows, you might be feeling a bit deflated, discouraged by the notion that summer is coming to a close. But try not to obsess about calendar dates and simply live in the moment — after all, as long as temperatures remain high, you can prolong your summer for as long as your heart (and Mother Nature) desire. To take full advantage of the beach escapades, tropical getaways, pool parties, and boardwalk strolls in your future, stock up on some fashion-forward tunics, dresses, an cover-ups from PilyQ.

Launched by fashion designer Pily Queipo and creative director Amber Delecce, PilyQ aims to bring a distinctly European understanding of resort wear to the global market. To that end, the line relies on fabrics hailing from Barcelona, many featuring vibrant colors and exotic prints, along with cheeky silhouettes and feminine accents ranging from ruffles to fringed trim, shirred panels, and sculptural cut-outs. Best of all, many of the pieces can easily transition from a day spent lounging at the cabana to an evening sipping cocktails and salsa dancing at a nearby hot spot.

The PilyQ Limone Tatiana Long Dress ($174 at SouthBeachSwimsuits.com), pictured at top, displays precisely this type of flexibility. The flowing dress features adjustable spaghetti straps, a two-tiered ruffled trim that falls below the bust, and a long skirt with an inverted V-shaped hemline along the front of the dress, adorned by a ruffle trim to give the piece more movement and personality. The femininity and softness yielded by the ruffles, meanwhile, is subverted by the edgy nature of the print, a watercolor-esque juxtaposition of spots and scales resembling those you’d find in nature but depicted in a flurry of acid green, lemon yellow, tangerine, burnt orange, cobalt blue, and black.

If you’re looking for a cover-up to wear atop your swimsuit, you might like the PilyQ Paris Tunic ($142 at EverythingButWater.com), pictured second from top, a loose-fitting blouse with a deep V-shaped neckline (low enough that it will reveal the top of your bikini bra); an elasticized waist secured by four tiny buttons; an open, midriff-revealing front; and wide, almost caftan-like sleeves that create a butterfly-esque effect. The Paris silk tunic features the colors you’d expect to find in Monet’s Giverny garden paintings, with jewel-toned amethyst, Mediterranean azure, safflower yellow, and grasshopper green vertical stripes seemingly bleeding into one another in a painterly manner.

Another great option from PilyQ’s Summer 2012 collection: the Pily Q Serpentine La-di-da Silk Tunic ($202 at EverythingButWater.com), a sheer snakeskin print top, with scales of varying sizes an shades of purple or green juxtaposed to create a striking optical illusion in terms of both texture and dimension. One of the more ethereal, flowy pieces in the collection, the Serpentine Tunic has a bit of a poncho-like construction in that you can literally slip it over your head, work your arms through the wide sleeves, then traipse into the sunset. In terms of its shape, the top features a broad neckline that drapes slightly, creating a bit of ruching at the center, along with a racerback-style cut along the back, and fairly long sleeves with slits along the top of the arms, extending from the outer edge of the collarbone to below the elbow, so as to reveal tanned arms and shoulders and make the piece as breathable as possible. Right above each sleeve opening, meanwhile, you’ll find two strips of brown suede with gold-toned eyelets, these adjacent strips laced together with a dark brown suede cord. The sleeves, meanwhile, extend almost down to the piece’s natural hemline, with the stitching closing the arm holes mere inches away from the rounded hemline. Though the piece is pictured above, third from top, these photos don’t really do it justice (mainly because our mannequin had no arms so it’s difficult to demonstrate how gracefully the sleeves fall on the body, but do check out  additional photos on EverythingButWater.com so you can get a better feel for the open shoulders and the undulating sleeves.

These are the types of pieces you can wear to finish your summer with a bang or to start your wardrobe planning for your next vacation but, whatever your destination, you’re likely to feel like the baroness of cabana couture when wearing them.

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