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MAC Cosmetics Heavenly Creature Collection — Cosmic Love

Last month, astronomers announced that they had discovered a new planet nearly 33 light-years away from Earth, a small mass temporarily dubbed UCF-1.01, believed to orbit the star GJ 436. That’s the thing about space exploration — while discoveries are consistently being made, these usually lead to more  questions, along with a sobering understanding that our so-called knowledge of the universe is, in fact, minuscule and constantly being challenged. The MAC Cosmetics Heavenly Creature collection pays homage to the seemingly endless mysteries of outer space with a range of colors that mimic planetary masses, nebulous formations, meteors, and asteroids. The mineral blush colors and eye shadows, in particular, are rife with mystery thanks to the incorporation of various hues that, when blended together, yield unexpected tones with ethereal, mystical qualities.

Ready for some cosmic love? Check out the full collection below, along with swatches of some of the shades!


There are 9  MAC Mineralize Eye Shadow ($21 at MACcosmetics.com) shades in the collection — which, of course, coincides with the number of planets in our solar system before Pluto’s recent demotion to “dwarf planet” status (still trying to wrap my head around that one!). On the surface, the eye shadows appear to be marbleized but, on the skin, they blend rather easily for rather surprising tonal results that can be altered depending on the ratio of pigments blended an on how much layering you opt to do.

The eye shadow shades in the collection are:

  • Invincible Light — described as an icy white, lavender, and warm gold blend
  • Bright Moon — a combination of gray, silver, and icy green
  • Sky — a mixture of green, gold, turquoise and cobalt shades
  • Water — a tropical-flavored blend of yellow, lime green, and royal blue
  • Universal Appeal — a mélange of gold, bronze, and violet
  • Earthly — a trio of khaki, muddy brown, and yellow gold
  • Aurora — a combination of peach, forest green, and hazelnut brown
  • Neo Nebula — a hazy mixture of cream, warm peachy pink, and warm amethyst purple
  • Magnetic Attraction — a warm blend of orange, bright pink, and gold

I had the chance to try out the Bright Moon and Earthly shades and quickly became enchanted by both. In its case, Bright Moon looks like a predominantly gray color with swirls of a clean, perky, seafoam green color and a periwinkle-tinged violet shade. When you blend all the colors together, however, the result is this magnetic light silver with frosty bluish undertones and an icy sheen created by an ethereal veil of shimmering particles. The Earthly eye shadow, meanwhile, looks a bit dull in its case, like the hues of a desert camo uniform — but, when the shades are blended together, the result is a sophisticate neutral shade, a cocoa shade with cool, rather than warm, undertones.

Check out swatches of the two shades below:

Below, meanwhile, you’ll find a few photos in which I’m wearing the Earthly eye shadow. Since the hue is so nuanced, you can easily wear it alone for a very laid-back, easy look. I love that, on the lids, the earthy shade looks a bit sooty. Check it out:

———-     ———-     ———-     ———-     ———-


Five MAC Cosmetics Lipstick ($15 at MACcosmetics.com) are included in the collection, four of which are pictured above. None of the colors are particularly shocking or adventurous but, rather, they seem to provide the more human and familiar aspect of the collection, functioning as a balance for the otherworldly quality fo the eye and cheek colors.

The five lipstick hues are:

  • Pleasureseeker — a creamy peach with a glaze-like finish
  • Venus — a sheer yellow-tinged pink reminiscent of the inside of a conch shell, with an all-over luster
  • Cut A Caper — a mid-tone peachy pink with a lustrous finish
  • Fire Sign — a reddish pink with an all-over sheen
  • Cusp of Dawn — A beige-tinged, neutral pink

Below, you’ll find swatches of the Venus and Plasureseeker lipstick shades. Admittedly, I’m not over the moon about either of these shades but, then again, I’ve always been attracted to a bold lip and so I find these a bit predictable and tame given my preclivities.

———-     ———-     ———-     ———-     ———-


In keeping with the lipstick offerings, there are five MAC Cremesheen Glass ($19.50 at MACcosmetics.com) shades in the Heavenly Creature collection, most of which correspond to a lipstick hue in terms of tonality.

The Cremesheen Glass colors are:

  • Celestial Kiss — a pale cool peach
  • Strictly Plutonic — a mid-tone pink brown that’s similar to a burnt apricot shade
  • Meteoric — a mid-tone coral
  • Astral — a yellow-tinged pink
  • Galaxy Rose — a violet-tinged pink

Below, you’ll find swatches of the Strictly Plutonic and Meteoric Cremesheen Glass hues. Again, I’m not jumping up and down over either of these shades, but I do think the Meteoric color works nicely for creating a beach-y, Bohemian, free-spirited look.

———-     ———-     ———-     ———-     ———-


Next up, we have the four shades of  MAC Mineralize Blush ($23.50 at MACcosmetics.com) in the collection. As with the eye shadow offerings, each blush comes in a round compact and features a baked design, with swirls of color that look kinetic and painterly. Though the colors look beautiful in their compacts, it’s when you blend the shades together that the magic happens.

The four blush shades are:

  • Solar Ray — a mélange of peach and gold
  • Stratus — a mixture of amethyst and golden brown
  • Supernova — a magenta and burnished gold mélange
  • Ring of Saturn — a blend of terracotta and gold

Out of all the cheek colors, I tried the Stratus and Supernova blushes. The Stratus blush is a gorgeous shade — when the brown and reddish violet hues come together, they create this coppery red shade that’s positively stunning. The shade is a bit too dark for me given how fair-skinned I am, but there’s no denying how stunning it is. The Supernova color, meanwhile, looks like a golden honeysuckle pink hue on the skin.

Check out the swatches below:


———-     ———-     ———-     ———-     ———-


Last, to give the entire complexion a bit of a kick, there are four  MAC Mineralize Skinfinish ($29 at MACcosmetics.com) offerings, which you can apply to your cheeks or lightly sweep all over the visage.

The MAC Mineralize Skinfinish shades in the collection are:

  • Light Year — a peachy pink with golden shimmer
  • Star Wonder — a plum pink with multi-dimensional pearl
  • Center of the Universe — a coral orange with Etruscan gold shimmer
  • Earthshine — a tarnished bronze with gold pearl and reddish pink flecks
Here is what the MAC Center of the Universe Mineralize Skinfinish looks like when blended together:

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