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Perricone MD’s Vitamin C Ester 15 Will Power Up Your Skin

For ages, we’ve known of the beauty benefits associated with vitamin C — from its brightening abilities, helping to break up melanin clusters and create the appearance of a more even skin tone, to its antioxidant propeties and collagen-boosting abilities. But here’s the catch: most forms of vitamin C are incredibly unstable so that, when exposed to air, the molecules become oxidized, rendering the super ingredient not only ineffective but potentially harmful. And, while many skin care companies have developed stabilized versions of vitamin C, even these tend to become oxidized within time. These days, most brands are sticking to vitamin C derivatives like ascorbyl palmitate, a fat-soluble version of the antioxidant that’s proven to be more stable albeit less powerful as an anti-aging ingredient, and magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, a water-soluble vitamin C derivative that research has indicated could boost collagen production (though not to the same extent as pure vitamin C).

So how can consumers benefit from the amazing skin care benefits of vitamin C while also investing in products that have a longer shelf life and can better resist oxidation? After years of research, leading dermatologist Nicholas Perricone MD seems to have found the answer. By combining vitamin C with a fatty acid derived from palm oil, he created Vitamin C Ester, a fat-soluble and stable version of vitamin C. Now, he’s introducing his miracle-performing product to the masses via his Perricone MD Vitamin C Ester 15 kit ($120 at QVC.com and Sephora.com), which contains four 0.34 oz. squeeze tubes containing the breakthrough formula.

Designed to brighten, tighten, moisturize, protect, and smooth the skin, the lightweight formula(which is slightly denser than a traditional moisturizer but not balmy or ointment-like) within each power-packed tubes is meant to be applied in the evening, after cleansing one’s face. Since the formula is so potent (at 15%, it boasts the highest concentration of vitamin C available without a prescription), you should use this product sparingly, squeezing a few rivulet-like streams of the formula unto the palms of your hands, rubbing them together and smoothing onto the skin. You’ll actually notice that the product has an orange sherbet-like scent, which makes the application a bit more delightful.

When you first apply the Vitamin C Ester 15, you might feel a bit of a tingling sensation or a slight warm flush, but it quickly dissipates — and, within days of use, you’ll barely detect it at all. What you might notice is how, within 30 minutes of application, your skin will appear a bit rosier and sunnier. I always stare in the mirror in wonderment 25-30 minutes after smoothing on the Vitamin C Esther 15 since I feel like the product turns on this light switch inside of me, giving my entire complexion a more youthful glow.

After applying this product, follow your normal skin care routine, smoothing on your favorite nighttime moisturizer. After all, though this product does have moisturizing properties, you’ll still need a cream that’s dedicated to maintaining optimal moisture levels, soothing inflammations, promoting cellular rejuvenation, and so forth.  Within 1-2 weeks of use, your skin will look noticeably healthier and some of the pesky redness or dark spots you’ve struggled to eradicate will have faded significantly. Just remember to wear sunscreen during the day as your skin does become more sensitive to light when you’re topically applying higher concentrations of vitamin C.

I started trying out this product after being itnroduced to it at a QVC Beauty Editors event and have become so incredibly smitten with it that I actually went out and shelled out the $120 dollars for a new kit as soon as I ran out. Admittedly, this system is an investment but, then again, you only get one face, right? So, as far as I’m concerned, taking care of that face is well worth the expense!

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