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Sink Your Teeth Into The Forsaken Inspired By True Blood Collection At HSN

What happened on Season Five of HBO’s True Blood? Let’s see….  Tara became a vampire by drinking Pam’s blood. Fomer Rev. Steve Newlin, who once rallied humans to exterminate vampires, showed up at Jason’s door to both announce his new vampire status and to declare his long-closeted homosexual desires, now targeted at the hunky but dim-witted Jason. Alcide was confronted by angry werewolves after refusing to join Marcus’ pack. Russell Edgington managed to escape from the tons of concrete poured atop him, returning to threaten the lives of the faeries hiding away in a little-known sanctuary. Eric and Bill formed an unlikely union when made to face the Authority. And of course, blood was drained, people were bitten, allegiances were made and broken, lives were threatened, graves were dug, carnal desires were fulfilled, and new love triangles were created. In other words, it was just another summer in the supernatural haven that is Bon Temps, Louisiana.

While you may have to wait until next summer to find out just how deep into the dark side Bill plunged after drinking Lilith’s tainted blood, you can feed your thrill-seeking, taboo-bucking, danger-flirting desires with the Forsaken inspired by True Blood collection, available exclusively at HSN. The collection includes products ranging from an original eau de parfum to a succulent body cream, a shimmering body power (so you can shine brighter than the light beams emanating from Sookie’s palm), and nail lacquer and lipstick shades that toy with supernatural and sanguine motifs.

Among the collection’s highlights is the Deborah Lippmann Forsaken Sookie Sookie Nail Lacquer Duo ($25 at HSN.com), packaged in a sinister black box with a window display pane, embossed swirls, and the word “Forsaken” printed in a cryptic, gothic white font. The set includes two 0.5 fl. oz. nail lacquer bottles: the Human Nature Nail Lacquer, a neutral taupe shade resembling putty, its consistency creamy and its texture rather opaque; and the Fairyust Nail Lacquer, a sheer white hue saturated with pink, red, and gold micropearls to transform any manicure into an ethereal, otherworldly sight.  You can, of course, wear either shade by itself (particulary Human Nature since it’s a versatile but sophisticated neutral hue) but the effect is most magical when the two lacquers are layered, with the Fairydust shade atop the Human Nature color. To get an idea for the effect create when the two shades are layered, make sure to check out the photos below.

On the skincare front, one of the highlights is the Forsaken Body Cream ($42 a HSN.com),a velvety moisturizer that contains such ingredients as Vitamin A, which triggers cellular regeneration and stimulates collagen and elastin production; coconut oil, a fatty acid-rich substance that softens the skin and strengthens its natural barrier, helping it retain moisture; shea butter, one of the most effective moisturizes and conditioners found in nature; algae extract, which is known to boast anti-aging benefits; and arnica flower extract, which soothes dry skin and reduces flakiness. In addition to leaving skin velvety-smooth, the Forsaken Body Cream smells exquisite, incorporating a unique mixture of fruity, floral, woody, and herbal notes that together conjure up an exhilarating sense of mystery. As with the Forsaken EDP, the Forsaken Body cream boasts notes of dark blackberry, anjou pear and blood orange, which lure you in with their juiciness; middle notes of night blooming jasmine, sheer violet, and black plum to create a sensual core; and bottom notes of ebony wood, amber crystals, patchouli, and vanilla to yield a long-lasting, warm, spicy yet creamy trail.

Since the Forsaken perfume’s aromatic composition feels like desire in a bottle, you can easily translate the scent into a home fragrance context that would allow you to set the mood creating an enticing ambiance in your boudoir. To do so, you’ll need the D.L. & Co. Glass Forsaken Candle and Diffuser Set ($48 at HSN.com), which includes a 3 oz. votive candle in a black glass container with a tonal baroque design; a 1.7 oz. inkwell-style decanter with a sleek, slightly gothic black glass surface, a rounded bottle stopper, and a blood red tassel accent adorning the bottle’s neck; and 10 diffuser reeds that, when dipped in the fragrance oil within the decanter and turned upside down, will allow the fragrance to waft into the air, eventually turning any room into a bewitching den of desire.

With all these sinful treats at your fingertips, there’s no doubt that some lucky chap will encounter you and think, “Ahhh, sookie sookie now!” And, when he does, Sookie Stackhouse will be the furthest thing from his mind.


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