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Slick and Tarred With New OCC Makeup Lip Tar Shades

A little birdie told me that OCC Makeup is coming to Sephora stores in September, and I can only hope that my feathered friend had some insider information yet to be formally announced. After all, if Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics lands in Sephora stores, I’d have even greater access to my beloved OCC Makeup Lip Tars ($15 at OCCmakeup.com). As I’ve mentioned in the past, these 100% vegan lip colors are more saturated with pigmented than most lipsticks on the market, but they also have the slick shine associated with lip glosses (sans the tacky, sticky sensation we so loathe) for a sultry sheen and a satin finish. Packaged in tiny squeeze tubes, these liquid pigments last hours on the pout, and they come in an array of adventurous colors. In fact, the Reverb and Stalker shades made it into my Top 20 Red Lip Colors, while the Beta Lip Tar figured into my Top 7 Orange Lip Colors.

In any case, I’ve been dying to share the latest Lip Tar shades with all of you. First, there’s the six shades in the Spring/Summer 2012 Garden Collection, which was inspired by the beautiful, exotic, yet potentially poisonous flowers that might lurk in between the roses, poppies, and lilies in an imaginary garden. In true OCC manner, even this garden is a bit surreal, with the pastel shades developed being amped up with near-neon pigments and unexpected hues like deep purple and true teal giving the collection a psychedelic, Alice in Wonderland quality.

The six Lip Tar shades in the OCC Makeup Garden collection are:

  • Digitalis — a pale lavender color loaded with light pink pigment
  • Belladonna — a deep African violet color with an icy sheen
  • Chlorophyll — a full-bodied, greenish teal
  • Ophelia — a peachy pink shade reminiscent of salmon-colored azaleas
  • Pennyroyal — an almond brown with a roasted quality
  • Kava Kava — a medium peach shade

In addition to the colors in the Garden collection, OCC recently revealed another new Lip Tar hue: Radiate, an atomic coral red that feels fiery and almost explosive.

Below, you’ll find swatches of the Ophelia, Belladonna, Digitalis, and Radiate Lip Tars:

In the following photo, I’m wearing the Digitalis Lip Tar. See how nice the lavender pink looks?

I’m completely smitten with the Radiate Lip Tar, which I’m wearing in the photo below:

And last, here’s me wearing the Ophelia Lip Tar, a really understated shade:

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