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Lipstick Goes Liquid With New Make Up For Ever Aqua Rouge Collection

If there’s a lip product realm that could be further distilled — that is, now that lip stains, glosses, pencils, crayons, and lipsticks have all been inspected under a veritable microscope, every major brand releasing its own take within each category — it would be that of the liquid lipstick. In theory, a liquid lipstick should be as easy to apply as a gloss (think of a wand applicator) but as saturated with pigment as a lipstick, as long-lasting as the latter without cracking, drying, feathering, or becoming dull and faded. In reality, no one had really mastered the execution of this concept — that is, until Make Up For Ever took on the task. The latest addition to the brand’s best-selling, critically acclaimed Aqua range is none other than the Make Up For Ever Aqua Rouge ($24 per lip color at Sephora.com), a collection of liquid lip colors that are as intense as any Jack Bauer face-off, as delectable as any Top Chef concoction, and as long-lasting as the Law & Order franchise. Basically, this 12-shade collection is ready for the makeup equivalent of an Emmy.

Each Make Up For Ever Aqua Rouge comes in a sleek, double-ended tube, with one side featuring the opaque, richly pigmented lip color, while the other end features a clear gloss to give the accompanying shade a mirror-like sheen.  To apply, then, you start by twisting off the side of the tube bearing the liquid lip color of choice and dipping the sponge-tipped applicator wand into the tube; once you’ve fully coated your lips with the shade, you can twist the other side of the tube open and dip the second applicator tip into its own clear gloss tube, coating your painted lips with gloss to give your pout a lacquered finish. The liquid lip color was designed using high molecular weight polymers and volatile oils that lock the pigment in place, allowing for longer wear and offering full coverage  — meaning no streaks, feathering, creasing, or color migration — along with mica and a gelling agent that keeps lips feeling comfortable and moisturized.

The twelve shades currently available are:

#1: Nude Beige

#2: Rosewood

#4: Chestnut

#5: Beige Brown

#7: Pink Brown

#8: Red

#9: Burgundy

#10: Raspberry

#11: Dark Raspberry

#13: Purple

#14: Light Rosewood

#15: Pink

I had the chance to try the #8 shade, which has been the official red lip color for the North American leg of Madonna’s MDNA tour, and I have absolutely loved it. I recently wore the shade to a number of beauty editor events and several people stopped me to ask me what I was wearing on my lips. Even better, people on the street have stopped me to ask me what “lipstick” I was wearing, commenting on the intensity and the lush quality of the color, how it manages to appear powerful and poignant while also retaining this near-wet quality thanks to the gloss.

Here’s how the Make Up For Ever Aqua Rouge in #8 looks like when you first apply the liquid lip color (without the gloss):

Now, check out how the lip color is transformed as you apply the clear gloss, how the finish develops this mirror-esque quality:

Next, check out how the MUFE Aqua Rouge #8 looks on lips! It’s literally the type of lip color you can rock all day (I wore it for hours and had water and champagne, and it still looked flawless!) and which you can wear with just a hint of black liner and mascara while still making a major beauty statement.

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