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Butter London Fall 2012 Nail Lacquer Collection — Metallic Finishes, Holographic Effects, and Glitter-Packed Formulations

While there will be some nail color trends throughout the Fall/Winter 2012 season, expect to see a greater emphasis placed on texture – whether it’s velvet manicures that look so fuzzy you’ll be tempted to pet your nails, caviar manicures attained by adhering tiny beads and pearls to nails, real gold flecks infused into top coats and lacquers,  mind-bending holographic finishes, or polishes saturated with enough chunky sequins to recreate a Vegas showgirl act. With this in mind, then, the fabulous Nonie Creme developed the  butter LONDON Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection, a quintet of shades with show-stopping finishes and textures.

The butter LONDON AW12 collection consists of the following shades:

  • Trustafarian Nail Lacquer: A sage green hue saturated with yellow gold glitter that yields a holographic effect, making nails appear to change color and radiate light to varying degrees depending on the angle at which you look upon them.
  • Gobsmacked Nail Lacquer: This deep charcoal color is saturated with silver glitter so that, as you layer more coats on, the effect is akin to grainy asphalt at night, when streets and sidewalks seem to glitter like the stars in the sky. It’s got a bit of a Cabaret edginess to it plus, in certain lighting, the blackened gray color almost resembles a midnight blue, adding to the surreal quality of the lacquer.
  • Shag Nail Lacquer: This deep rusted copper color has both red and orange undertones that seem particularly timely given that they resemble the color of turning leaves before they start scattering to the ground. Best of all, the lacquer features such a high-wattage sheen that describing the finish as “metallic” doesn’t even do it justice.
  • Lovely Jubbly Nail Lacquer: Boogie-oogie-oogie with this violet-tinged magenta shade, which is loaded with red, gold, and blue flecks that create a multi-dimensional, disco-flavored finish that’s both festive and fascinating.
  • Dodgy Barnett Nail Lacquer: A moody dove gray with light silver tones, this moody shade also boasts a holographic finish that feels galactic and otherworldly.

All shades retail for $14 and are available at butterLONDON.com

Below, you’ll find photos of some of the shades I had the pleasure of swatching. First, below, you’ll find images of the Trustafarian Nail Lacquer. I love everything about this shade — from the name (a “trustafarian” is a privileged kid who pretends to be a hippy while still enjoying the benefits of being born into a wealthy and powerful family) to the sage green base, which manages to feel both forest-y and to have a military vibe, and the holographic finish, which is truly so magnetic that you’ll find yourself staring constantly at your nails as you twist your hands around and twirl your finger excitedly.

Next, below, you’ll find images of the Shag Nail Lacquer. As you can tell from the photos below, the polish is a warm , coppery auburn shade that’s sophisticated and enchanting, but it’s the all-over metallic sheen that ultimately won me over since it added a modern vibe to a classic autumnal shade.

Last, but not least, below you’ll find photos that show how the Gobsmacked Nail Lacquer looks on nails. Hopefully, you’ll be gobsmacked (meaning “awed” and “speechless”) by the glam rock vibe of the lacquer and the romanticism of the starry night image created by the contrast of silver glitter and deep, blackened, ultra dark charcoal gray.

How groovy are these shades, right? Which do you love most?

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