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Check Me Out With Jewelry Designer Seville Michelle Anastos on Telemundo’s “Mujer De Hoy” And Get The Scoop On What I Wore!

Those of you who follow me on Twitter (@sickathanavg) or on Instagram (@sickathanaverage) might have seen some behind-the-scenes photos of the “Mujer de Hoy” segment I just filmed for Telemundo, which focused on the amazing jewelry of half-Cuban, half-Greek designer Seville Michelle Anastos, whose leather-wrapped doorknockers have breathed new life into the earrings most closely associated with females of the hip-hop generation coming up in the ’80s and ’90s.  Since I’ve ben featuring Seville’s work for years — and proudly rocking her earrings — I came aboard as an on-camera expert, explaining the genesis of the bamboo earrings, their roots in hip-hop culture, and how Seville has reinvented them to make them more grown-up and sophisticated. The segment aired on Monday at 6 p.m. on Telemundo 47 (the New York-based Telemundo station) but, if you happened to miss it, check out the video above so you can watch the whole clip.

And, since I was tweeting many “sneak peek” shots of my outfit and you were all excited to hear more, I decided to post more photos of the look here. I like to think of the outfit inspiration as Alice in Wonderland develops a hip-hop swagger, goes to the office, and then then drops some LSD.

From the waist up, then, the ensemble is pretty office-ready: a semi-sheer Seven blouse in a cobalt blue shade (bought at Daffy’s for $25) with a basic cami underneath. The skirt, meanwhile, starts adding a bit of a downtown edge, as it’s a stretchy black skirt but it features rouching on either side to add a bit of texture. It’s an LNA skirt, and it’s shockingly comfortable — I’m trying to recall where I purchased it, but I’m pretty sure it was Lockerz.com since I went through a period where I was racking up points and getting some pretty fly gear for much cheaper as a result.

Now, as your gaze moves downward, that’s where the fun begins. To spice up the outfit, I put on a pair of printed Anna Sui tights that feature very Alice in Wonderland-ish illustrations of tiny chairs, mirrors, vanity tables, and such.  The tights are adorable, and the designs on them really make all the difference since they automatically add some personality to an outfit. I got them on Fab.com for about $11, which I was excited about since tights this funky are really difficult to find — sure, you see stripes and polka dots and hearts but Sui really took it to another level! And then, to go with my trippy dollhouse-flavored tights, I added yet another quirky element: a pair of metallic blue Jeffrey Campbell mary-janes with a built-in platform and chunky block heel, which I purchased on Solestruck.com for $105. They’re pretty much my version of Dorothy’s ruby red slippers — except, of course, that they’re sapphire blue and make me stand 5 inches taller!

As for the jewelry, I of course rocked Seville Michelle Anastos jewelry (except for my Kendra Scott ring): a pair of amazing round bamboo earrings with a turquoise and cobalt snakeskin print on one side and smooth gold on the other; a new bracelet set that Seville will be releasing as part of a collaboration with MissKL, Karmaloop’s latest online boutique which caters exclusively to cutting-edge designs for women (the set includes four leather-wrapped wrapped bangles that are linked together by chains on either side); and a new twist rope chain necklace Seville designed , which incorporates leather bow accents and sections of the chain that are wrapped in black leather and finished off with braided details. To check out her pieces, make sure to visit SevilleMichelleAnastos.com and PatriciaField.com

Check out more photos below!

Next, check out some of the photos of Seville’s jewelry and a Barbie she customized as part of an event she had at Patricia Field’s boutique (where she’s one of the in-house designers). The Barbie had us all in stitches because Seville made her tiny bamboo earrings and a harness piece with chains and pink feathers along the shoulders, not to mention a bondage-style ensemble. And, of course, she thugged the Barbie out by pulling her hair into a major poofy ponytail and adding “tattoos” with black marker that included teardrops below one eye and a depiction of Bruce Lee on one leg.

Here’s me hugging Seville after the segment wrapped!

And, last but not least, a couple more shots taken outside and inside Harlem Haberdashery, the boutique in which we filmed the segment.


What do you think? Are you digging the look?

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