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MAC Pro Lip Palettes — Six Times The Charm In Every Compact

Why reach for a handful of red or pink lipsticks when you could simply clutch a handy palette containing six colors in one shade family? The new MAC Pro Lip Palettes should lighten the weight of your makeup bag and reduce the amount of time spent rummaging through drawers searching for a single hue in an ocean of lip colors. Each of the five lip palettes in the collection features six iterations of one color theme so that you can choose one shade, layer and blend different tones for a unique new hue, or even cross-pollinate between palettes to further customize your lip color.

Below, you’ll find close-ups of the palettes: 6 Editorial Reds, 6 Modern Browns, 6 Preferred Pinks, 6 Select Plums, and 6 Editorial Oranges. You’ll notice that most palettes contain at least 2 or 3 of MAC’s best-selling shades in the overarching hue, as well as some limited-edition colors. I’m beyond smitten with the 6 Editorial Red palette, which I had the opportunity to swatch (check out the photos below), and I’m plotting on snatching up the 6 Preferred Pinks palette very soon.

6 Editorial Reds

In late July, I published a piece on my favorite 20 red lipsticks and, among the shades I mentioned were MAC’s Ruby Woo and Russian Red. Both make an appearance in the 6 Editorial Red palette along with Dare You, a saturated brownish red with a lustrous finish; MAC Red, a bright bluish raspberry red with a satin finish; On Hold, a warm, yellow-tinged red with a slightly sheer finish; and Lady Danger, a coral red with a matte finish that almost registers as a vermilion hue.

Here are swatches of all the hues in the lip palette:

Russian Red and Ruby Woo are still particularly close to my heart, but I’ve been loving the Lady Danger and Dare You shades quite a bit since they’re also quite full-bodied and intense.

6 Preferred Pinks

Just the sight of this palette sends me into a lovestruck daydreaming session. Though it contains some delicate blush and lace pink hues, this palette packs a color punch thanks to the amplified violet and magenta shades therein.

Here’s a breakdown of the shades in the 6 Preferred Pinks palette (which, really, should be called 6 Preferred Pinks and Purples since it does lean toward the latter):

  • Violetta: A stick-it-to-you, fashion-forward violet purple (one of my fave MAC lipstick shades ever!)
  • Show Orchid: An amplified hot pink that makes Tarina Tarantino’s haircolor look timid
  • Creme de la Femme: A frosted pink lace shade with golden shimmer
  • Lovelorn: A cool medium pink with blue undertones and a lustrous finish
  • Please Me: A muted winter rose color with a matte finish
  • Pretty Please: A pale pink pearl with a glaze-like sheen
These colors look so amazing, I’m really considering investing in the palette. The only hues I can imagine having in this palette that would make it even more delightful would be Pink Friday, Dear Diary, and Chatterbox.
6 Editorial Oranges

As with the 6 Editorial Reds lip palette, this one combines some expected offerings (Morange and So Chaud) with some surprising choices (Bronze Shimmer and Look At Her, for instance).  I have to admit that I’m not quite over-the-moon about this particular palette, mainly because it seems to incorporate only three true orange hues, with the rest being metallic and neutral colors. Sure, the two shade families work well together, but the part of me that craves drama (which, let’s face it, is about 90% of me), feels a little cheated by the emphasis on these neutrals – especially when this would have been a perfect opportunity to bring back shades like Neon Orange.

In any case, here’s a breakdown of the shades in the palette:

  • Morange: The go-to shade for MAC fans seeking an orange hue
  • Bronze Shimmer: A golden bronze color with frosted shimmer
  • So Chaud: A full-bodied reddish orange with a matte finish
  • Look At Her: A metallic copper color with maximum sheen
  • Cross Wires: A clean pink-tinged orange with a creamy texture and a glossy sheen
  • Sandy B: Described as a light shell pink with a frosted finish
6 Select Plums

With mulberry, wine, and burgundy lips being one of the predominant beauty trends for Fall 2012, the 6 Select Plums Lip Palette could come in rather handy this season. The moody palette features a combination of muted brownish plum and purple hues with bolder, richer, more decadent interpretations of these shades.

The colors in the 6 Select Plums palette are:

  • Cyber: An intense blackberry-esque purple with a satin finish
  • Hang Up: A deep, raisin-y berry shade with a creamy texture and a hint of sheen
  • Amorous: A satin cranberry
  • Verve: A muted, brownish plum with a satin finish
  • Captive: A pinkish plum with a satin finish
  • Twig: An understated brownish pink with a satin finish

6 Modern Browns

Though I’m not one to wear deep brown lipstick very often, I do rely on nude lip shades when I’m pulling off a particularly intense eye look and need a bit of balance. The 6 Modern Browns palette combines sandy and taupe brown shades that are understated and demure with richer, more chocolate-y hues.

Here are the 6 color offerings:

  • Paramount: A reddish, terracotta brown with a satin finish
  • Taupe: A  MAC customer favorite, this muted taupe hue boasts a matte finish
  • Fresh Brew: A café au lait shade with a lustrous finish
  • Frenzy: A warm, frosted peachy pink beige
  • Half N Half: A pink-tinged cream color
  • Peachstock: A neutral peach shade with a satin finish (and one of my fave shades)

Though this is one of the more consistent palettes in terms of abiding by the chosen color family, I do feel like MAC missed the opportunity to incorporate other favorites like Mehr, which is more of a pink hue but has a neutral base, or Spirit, a beige-based brown. Also, it almost feels like Twig should have been worked into this palette rather than the 6 Select Plums compact.


All five of the new MAC Pro Lip Palettes retail for $40 each and can be purchased at MAC Pro locations.


What do you think overall? Which palettes are your favorites? Do you like the color choices for each?

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