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Rebecca Minkoff Saunters Into Jewelry Design

For many, the term “morning after” is synonymous with walks of shame, smeared mascara, tousled hair, rumpled sheets, and outfit re-runs. But for designer Rebecca Minkoff, it’s the name of the handbag that catapulted her to fashion stardom back in 2005. Since the runaway success of the Morning After Bag, Rebecca Minkoff has been steadily expanding her empire, expanding her range of offerings to include a ready-to-wear collection and, now, a jewelry collection.

Available at Bloomingdale’s and RebeccaMinkoff.com, Rebecca Minkoff’s debut jewelry collection incorporates pieces at once sophisticated and streetwise, all with her signature downtown edginess.  Some of the pieces, among them heart-shaped studs and dangling chain link earrings, are subtle and understated whereas other designs, such as the Pave Horn Necklace ($498 at RebeccaMinkoff.com) pictured at top, speak loudly and unapologetically, conveying a take-charge attitude. Most pieces however — particularly necklaces and bracelets — are meant to be layered, so that consumers can interchange and stack them as desired depending on whether they’re in an office environment, a posh lounge, a romantic date, or a thumping concert. Thematically, a few key elements link the collection together: first, the usage of Western motifs like buffalo horn shapes; second, the contrast of jet black stones with clear Swarovski crystals, along with the play on geometric shapes, to yield an Art Deco vibe; third, the abundance of astrology references; fourth, the clever mixing of rose gold, yellow gold, and silver-toned stainless steel metals; and fifth, the reliance on pavé-set stones to infuse a rock glam element into each design.

The Pave Horn Necklace ($498 at RebeccaMinkoff.com) shown at top, then, is among the pieces in the collection with the most bravado. Measuring 14″ in length, the brass necklace features four elephant tusk-like pendants in a custom gold and rose gold tone, the horns’ surfaces fully covered by Swarovski crystals. Similarly, iced-out spacers resembling triangular banners or notched banners divide the horn charms, compounding the glitzy visual effect.  Those who prefer an upscale urban vibe will appreciate the  Pave Chain Link Necklace ($350 at RebeccaMinkoff.com), shown next to last above, a chunky piece measuring 16″ in length and made with brass chain links coated in a custom gold tone and encrusted with pavé-set Swarovski crystals. For a more free-spirited, Boho-meets-urban-cowgirl vibe, you can opt for the Pave Round Horn Pendant ($398 at RebeccaMinkoff.com), shown last above, which features a 36″-long chain with a curving brass turk coated in rose gold and bedazzled with Swarovski crystals.

The pavé motifs also abound in the collection’s bracelets and earrings, as seen with the Pave Faux Gaupe Earrings ($248 at RebeccaMinkoff.com) shown second from top, which have an oval form and a cut-out triangular shape that, together, create a silhouette a form reminiscent of the tip of a crescent wrench.  The rose gold-coated brass earrings appear to be opening on a hinge, with one side left unadorned, its metallic surface shiny and smooth, and the other side coated in Swarovski crystals.

Those enchanted with Art Deco style will gravitate to such glamorous pieces as the Flipped Jet CZ & Pave Necklace ($168 at RebeccaMinkoff.com), shown third from top, incorporating a chunky, 18″-long gunmetal chain, and a center bib with a crescent moon shape. The bib area is comprised of a upward-turned strip of silver-toned metal with a row of pyramid-shaped, jet-colored studs positioned atop its length and tiny pavé-set Swarovski crystals surrounding these studs.  For a more colorful take on Art Deco style, there’s the Heart Stone Earrings ($98 at RebeccaMinkoff.com), pictured fifth from top, which feature bar-like shapes filled with colorful enamel (in this case, neon yellow). Measuring 2″ in length and 1″ in width, the silver-toned earrings feature two stacked bars on either side to create a pyramid-like formation, the second strip adorned with Swarovski crystals along its side rim. At the center of each earring, meanwhile, there’s a silver-toned heart with a slightly asymmetrical shape. The play on textured and shapes might just remind you of the Chrysler Building’s design — albeit thrust into modernity via the neon enamel filling.

Perhaps the best pieces in the collection, however, are those that reinvent basic silhouettes. The All Metal Hoop Earrings ($78 at RebeccaMinkoff.com), shown fourth from top, abandon the classic round shape and instead rely on an oblong form, with crown accents jazzing up an otherwise simple silhouette. Measuring 1″ in width and 1.5″ in height, the hoop earrings are available in yellow gold or rose gold. Similarly, the bangles in the collection not only feature a distinct shape, but they’re designed in such a manner as to make them great for stacking. First, there’s the All Metal Thinnest Bangle ($98 at RebeccaMinkoff.com), shown 7th above, which measures 3″ in width and 2.5″ in height. Fashioned out of stainless steel coated in yellow gold (or rose gold, depending on your preference), each bangle boasts a rectangular shape but features rounded edges for an unexpected twist and, in addition, each of the bracelet’s four sides feature three-pronged crown motifs so that each crown detail faces in a different direction. If you want bangles with a bit more flash, you can opt for the All Pave Thinnest Bangle ($128 at RebeccaMinkoff.com), which has the same shape and dimensions as its plain counterpart but features rhinestone accents all along its periphery. Ideally, you’ll invest in a couple of the plain bangles and a couple of the pavé ones, then stack them high for an ultra-edgy look.

To check out more of the Rebecca Minkoff jewelry pieces, look at the photos below and visit RebeccaMinkoff.com!


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