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Lulu Frost For J Crew Jewelry collection — Pretty Wings

Never as good as the first time? Sorry, Sade, but in the case of New York City-based jewelry brand Lulu Frost‘s sophomore capsule collection for preppy style mainstay J. Crew, the adage simply doesn’t apply. For her second Lulu Frost for J. Crew capsule collection, designer Lisa Salzer pumped up the volume, incorporating heftier, more dramatic pieces that not only tap into the season’s Baroque-inspired “more is better” mindset, but that also salute Lulu Frost’s reputation for edgy yet exquisite creations. Whereas the first Lulu Frost for J. Crew collection was a Mod-flavored take on Art Deco, incorporating daintier pieces crafted using resin and enamel in coral orange, kiwi green, sunshine yellow, glossy black, and mustard-tinged ochre, all embellished with Czech glass crystals, turquoise stones, and touches of vintage-looking brass. This time around, then, the pieces feel more expensive and operatic.

Take, for example, the Lulu Frost for J. Crew 1oo-Year Necklace ($228 at JCrew.com) shown above, inspired by the 100-Year Necklaces in the Lulu Frost line, all of which incorporate vintage elements (be it stones, charms, repurposed pendants and earrings, crystals, or any other materials and found items) dating from 1860 all the way to 1960. The necklace created for J. Crew also features a mash-up of vintage elements, assembled in a modern way. Measuring 17″ in length, the necklace features an antique gold-plated chain with square-shaped link and an elaborate bib design featuring floral shapes with sky blue resin stones as petals, along with sapphire-colored Czech glass stones at their center. A brass metal strip that curves and swirls is situated near the center of the bib, with crystals encrusted into its surface and oval-shaped, sapphire-toned stones at the center of these swirls. At $228, it’s certainly pricier than any of the pieces in the first Lulu Frost for J. Crew collection, but the level of detail and the excellent craftsmanship makes it worthy of such a price tag.

Floral motifs, of course. abound in the collection, as with the Lulu Frost for J. Crew Navette Burst Earrings ($98 at JCrew.com), shown sixth above. These earrings resemble daisies, but feature a slightly incongruous shape, so that they’re not completely symmetrical. Boasting a brass foundation, the earrings feature prong-set, opalescent powder blue resin shaped into petal shapes, with a violet blue Czech glass stone at the center of each flower-shaped earring.

Winged shapes are also peppered throughout the collection, giving the pieces an angelic feel, as well as referencing Greek mythology. The result is pieces like the Lulu Frost for J. Crew Winged Bracelet ($98 at JCrew.com), pictured second above,  which features a chunky brass and antiqued gold chain link bracelet, with two triangle-shaped wing formations at the center, facing each other to resemble a bird in flight. Each fan-shaped “wing” features antiqued, silver-plated metal ball beads topped off by almond-shaped resin stones in a slightly iridescent sky blue. At the center of the piece, meanwhile, you’ll find a dome-shaped round crystal with an A-shaped formation along the top of this round bead made of antiqued silver and tiny Czech glass stones.

The Lulu Frost for J. Crew Winged Glory Necklace ($198 at JCrew.com), pictured third from top, again makes use of the aforementioned winged motifs. Crafted using Czech glass rhinestones, Swarovski navettes, ivory-colored resin, brass, and antique gold plating, the 17″-long necklace was inspired by sheaves of wheat, with sparking wheat ear shapes arranged in a V-like formation, with a shield-like accent crafted using ivory resins tones along the center of these two shapes.

Other standout pieces include the Lulu Frost for J. Crew Tangerine Resin Petal Necklace ($278 at JCrew.com), pictured fifth above, which incorporates a chain link necklace with red ginger flower shapes made of garnet, coraline, and ruby crystal and resin stones; gorgeous rectangular accents with a cluster of three teardrop-shaped stones; and, at the center, a breathtaking arrangement of leaf-shaped brass plates; tangerine, yellow, auburn, and copper-toned crystals arranged to create laurel-like shapes; and a shield-shaped resin plate adorned with crystals and stones to create a winged design reminiscent of a family crest.

Similarly, the Lulu Frost for J. Crew Resin Triangle Necklace ($150 at JCrew.com), pictured last above, incorporates three oversize, Merlot-colored resin plates, each embellished with Czech glass stones arranged in a winged formation. Inspired by estate jewelry, this necklace is meant to feel like an heirloom passed down from one generation to the next.

Regal and sweet, the Lulu Frost for J. Crew Art Deco Bracelet ($128 at JCrew.com), shown next to last above, captures the aesthetic of the Art Deco movement – from its emphasis on symmetry to its incorporation of geometrical shapes and its usage of lavish, crystalline-looking materials (in this case, glass, Czech glass rhinestones, and resin).

Another Art Deco inspired piece: the Lulu Frost for J. Crew Resin and Marcasite Bracelet ($98 at JCrew.com), which features square-shaped resin links resembling tortoise shell (a nod to the 1960s and 1970s), all adorned by sparkling marcasite stones and punctuated by violet resin stones along the center.

To view the entire collection, visit JCrew.com

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