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Check Out Our Telemundo “Mujer de Hoy” Shoot On Disney-Inspired Makeup Looks


Yesterday, I had the pleasure of filming a new beauty segment for Telemundo’s “Mujer de Hoy,” this time focusing on makeup looks inspired by Disney princesses and on cosmetic sets that nod to classic fairy tales like Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty.  The segment aired last night at 6 p.m. on Telemundo 47 but, if you missed it, don’t  worry: I posted the footage above so you, too, can enjoy it!

As you’ll see from the footage, in the segment I shed light on our current fascination with Disney fairy tales, as evidenced by the success of ABC’s Once Upon A Time series, last year’s epic, Charlize Theron-helmed Snow White and the Huntsmen film and, most recently, the buzz surrounding the upcoming Maleficent, a live action remake of Disney’s animated Sleeping Beauty movie starring Angelina Jolie as the villainous title character. Perhaps because we live in a time of political and economic instability, we all seem to crave an escape from our daily realities and fairy tales provide just such a framework: they appeal to the wide-eyed child within each of us, pounce upon our nostalgic instincts, transport us into a realm where fantasy and magic prevail, and provide a comforting narrative where good always triumphs over evil and happy endings are, indeed, possible.

This fairy tale fandom, then, has even trickled into the realms of fashion and beauty as Disney has  collaborated with hip fashion brands like Havaianas, Mawi, and LeSportsac, along with makeup brands like MAC Cosmetics (which released its amazing “Venomous Villains “collection in Fall 2010), OPI (with whom they launched a Vintage Minnie Mini nail lacquer collection last fall), and Sephora (with whom they recently released the limited-edition Cinderella collection of eye shadows, nail lacquers, and fragrances). In the segment, then, I showcase the aforementioned products, along with the Disney Store’s Designer Villains Eyeshadow Palette and the Pixi by Petra Strand PixiGlow Fairy Face Palette. Check out the products showcased:

But, of course, this was only the beginning! We then enlisted the help of celebrity makeup artist Jackie Gomez  to act as our makeup fairy godmother for the day, transforming our two models, Carolina and Sandra, into Princess Jasmine and Princess Tiana, respectively. Hair stylist Cody Hepsworth of Maximus Clark Salon at Oasis Day Spa (where we actually taped the segment), meanwhile, cast his own spell and created hair looks that were inspired by these princess characters but had a more modern twist. The idea, then, was to showcase how women can look to these classic fairy tales for inspiration to spice up their makeup routines while doing so in a way that wouldn’t feel costume-y but, rather, that would complement their personalities and their individual sense of style.

To transform Carolina into our Princess Jasmine for the day, Jackie focused on giving her golden, peachy cheeks (she used the NARS Orgasm blush, a beauty inside favorite!), making her eyes have more of an almond shape by applying liquid black liner and winging it out slightly at the outer corners, adding faux lashes for a coquettish twist, and giving lips a warm nude color. Cody, meanwhile, gave Carolina’s hair more volume along the crown so as to create the rounded shape we associate with the Aladdin princess, then parted it at the side and worked the hair into a very low chignon.

As for Sandra’s transformation into Princess Tiana, Cody decided to draw inspiration from the Disney film but give it a more modern, contemporary, playful rock ‘n’ roll feel, curling  the top of Sandra’s hair with a curling iron and back combing the hair to create a cool pompadour look. Jackie, meanwhile, applied a lovely purple shadow to Sandra’s eyes (the shimmering Evil Queen shade from the Disney Store’s Designer Villains eyeshadow palette) and gave her cheeks a rosy flush with a peony pink blush, finishing the fresh-as-a-rose look with a perky Make Up For Ever pink lipstick.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes shot of Cody preparing to discuss his handiwork on camera:

Next, check out this photo of Jackie Gomez, posing with our two gorgeous models:

Next, check out a photo of Jackie and I posing together:

Hope you enjoy the segment and that it inspired you to bring out your own inner princess!

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