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Head to the Tropics with the Dior Cruise 2013 Vernis Collection

It’s been rainy, cold, and dreary in New York City so, rather than tinker with moody gray and lilac nail polish shades or opt for a stormy black or midnight blue hue — any of which could further thrust me into a winter funk — I’m finding joy in the tropical flavor of the Dior Vernis Cruise 2013 Collection  ($23 each at Dior.com).  The three bright, punchy, fruity colors in the collection might remind you of  a bag of Tropical Skittles, the iced confections inside a coco helado cart, or even of f the vibrant plumage of exotic lovebirds, parakeets, and toucans. 

The sizzling, resort-ready, coquettish collection incorporates three nail lacquer shades:  Lime 602, a creamy and vibrant shade of  succulent kiwi green; Mango 438, a creamy orange that’s slightly more intense and dark than the fleshy inside of a papaya fruit but a bit tangier and sunnier than the traditional tangerine; and Pasteque 658, a rich cherry pink color with a creamy finish and tons of shine. The fact that all the colors have a creamy texture really allows the emphasis to remain on the richly pigmented, vivacious, playful shades.

Below, you’ll find swatches of all three candy-ready hues.

First, check out how the Dior Lime 602 Vernis looks on my nails. Now, typically, acid and lime green hues look hideous on me since I am rather fair-skinned and the wrong color choice can create a scary, Wicked Witch effect. That being said, this shade looked modern and funky, so I was immediately smitten with it!

Next, check out the Dior Mango 438 Vernis. This richly pigmented, yellowish orange is reminiscent of a kumquat’s skin or of an orange sweet bell pepper, and the creaminess of the formula makes the color dazzle like the glistening flesh of a fruit or vegetable on display at a farmer’s market

Last, but certainly not least, you’ll find images showing how the Dior Pasteque 658 Vernis looks on nails. This reddish pink is reminiscent of the color of a frozen raspberry lemonade. Check it out:

All three colors will make you feel like you’re going on a voyage to the Caribbean. Another plus: Dior’s nail lacquer formula is so extraordinary that your mani should last for an extended period of time. My mani didn’t even chip after I spent a full day doing housework, washing dishes, mopping floors, and scrubbing the stove with a Brillo pad — and, to say I was surprised, would be the ultimate understatement.

These are limited-edition nail lacquer colors, so make sure to get them before they sail away!

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