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The Cubannie Links x Nail Jerks Capsule Collection Nails It!

As a master in the art of accessorizing, Cuban-American jewelry designer Annie Basulto, the mastermind behind Brooklyn-based, street-savvy, ultra badass costume jewelry line  Cubannie Links has long harbored an interest in unique nail looks that could make a striking fashion statement. In fact, back in 2009, she apprenticed at a friend’s nail salon in Brooklyn, learning how to execute Minx manicures and experimenting with a variety of materials, using Zoya matte nail lacquers and adorning them with Swarovski stones, applying Minx only along the tips for a modernized take on the French manicure, and toying with various color and textural juxtapositions. Given Basulto’s appreciation for great nail art, when she was approached by nail styling company Nail Jerks  in early 2012 about a possible collaboration between the two brands, she quickly pounced at the idea — particularly when she realized the many similarities between the two brands’ creative visions. The group worked together so well that, within nine months, the project has been completed. The end result: the Cubannie Links x Nail Jerks capsule jewelry collection, incorporating  the Nail File Necklace ($40 at NailJerks.com) and the Nail File Earrings ($40 at NailJerks.com).

Lila Robles, Nail Jerks’ head stylist, came up with the original concept: fully functional nail files that were so sleek and funky they could double as jewelry, while also allowing women to handle chipped, snagged, and uneven nails when on the move. To create the emery board pattern on the gold-toned metal surface of the earrings and necklace pendant, Basulto relied on a fine diamond engraved pattern. The slightly rounded base of each nail file, meanwhile, features a perforation through which to insert either ear hooks or round necklace loops. The slim nail file pendants all feature sharp angular tips, reminiscent of triangular guitar picks, the sharp points adorned by either a clear or sapphire Swarovski stone. “I was a fan of crystal and Lila was a fan of sapphire, so it was a win-win!” says Basulto.

The Cubannie Links x Nail Jerks Nail File Necklace features  an 18″-long ball bead necklace and incorporates a 4″ nail file with a 3mm sapphire or clear Swarovski stone, while the Cubannie Links x Nail Jerks Nail File Earrings, meanwhile, measure 4″-long charms adorned with 2mm stones. Only 500 pieces of  each colorway were produced, so the collection is extremely limited, making it all the more special.

Best of all: each pair of earrings and each necklace does double duty, adding a major wow factor to your outfit while aslo allowing you to take care of any nail emergencies  that arise.

I’ve been flaunting my earrings non-stop, and I’ve certainly used the file charms to take care of snagged nail tips, each time being stunned by how effectively it created a smooth surface and how, unlike traditional cardboard emery boards, the friction of the file against the nails didn’t create an ear-piercing, shrill, hair-raising sound.

Since I’ve had metal and glass nail files confiscated by TSA agents, I wouldn’t necessarily suggest wearing these when ready to board an airplane but, otherwise, they should make traveling with good style and great nails a breeze!




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