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Be a Makeup Alchemist with OCC Makeup’s Metallurgy Lip Tar Collection

If you’ve ever read novels set in ancient times and shrouded in mysticism — among them Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s 100 Years of Solitude — you’ve likely wondered about the dreamers whose life’s work was devoted to finding such treasures as the elixir of life and who strove to transform common metals like lead into gold, not simply to revel in the riches that the latter feat would accomplish but to achieve a spiritual transformation as a result of this metal transmutation process.  The mystical elements of alchemy even dictated the evolution of metallurgy, a science that originally focused on the extraction of metals from minerals and which later adopted a larger significance, alluding to the  analysis of metallic elements’ physical and chemical behaviors. The latest Lip Tar collection from cult favorite cosmetics brand OCC Makeup draws inspiration from these ancient sciences and belief systems by richly pigmented colors and infusing them with hi-resolution metallic pigments, giving lips an electrifying, gilded appearance and a reflective, shimmering finish that’s not glittery or sparkly but smooth and sophisticated like a bar of pure gold. 

The OCC Makeup Metallurgy Lip Tar collection took three years of intense product research to develop, as the brand strove to remain true to its history as a 100% vegan brand while also discovering a mineral-derived ingredient that could adhere to the desired metallic pigments and bring them to light in a weightless manner. Like modern-day beauty alchemists, they searched for their own philosopher’s stone and finally discovered it, creating a revolutionary range of lip colors that are incredibly opaque, delivering full coverage, richly saturated, infused with metallic pigments that create a molten metal effect, and boasting a slick, glossy finish.

As usual, the Lip Tars in this collection feature soothing peppermint oil, antioxidant-rich vitamin E, softening castor seed oil, and healing hemp seed oil, so that they moisturize and protect lips while coating them with long-lasting, succulent color. These hydrating and emollient ingredients really help to improve the look of those brighter Lip Tar shades by ensuring that pouts remain smooth and free of cracks and chapped patched. And, in keeping with other offerings, the liquid lip colors (which now come with a handy lip brush for a more precise application) in this collection deliver uncannily superb coverage with only a few strokes of your miniature lip brush.

The OCC Makeup Metallurgy Lip Tar collection includes six lip tar shades: Iced, described as a pure white frost; Triptych, a true metallic gold; Authentic, a copper-tinged metallic bronze; Super NSFW, a succulent red infused with yellow gold pigment; Yaoi, a metallic version of the neon pink Anime Lip Tar; and Electric Grandma, a metallic follow-up to the ancient coral shade known as Grandma. All six shades are currently available for $16 each at OCCmakeup.com.

When I saw these shades, I immediately gravitated to some of the bolder hues — mainly Triptych, Super NSFW, and Authentic (though Yaoi is next on my list!). As soon as I swatched them, I was blown away by their intensity and the opulence they convey while remaining true to their edgy, downtown-y DNA.

Below, you’ll find swatches of all three shades for your reference:

As you can see, the colors are bold and almost appear molten. Triptych, for instance, reminds me of ancient gold leaf purple with its all-over sheen and yellow gold color, while Authentic reminds me of ancient Tibetan statues. And, of course, as a lover of red pouts, I swooned over the Super NSFW, which feels like the type of red you’d find on an illuminated Chinese lantern but which contains swirls of yellow gold pigment that transform the color into a lavishly metallic hue.

Below, you’ll find a shot of me wearing the OCC Makeup Lip Tar in Super NSFW. I literally applied the color using a lip brush and, over an 8-period span, I only had to touch up my lip color once — plus, even on a frigid winter day, I didn’t need to pat on a lip conditioner to keep my lips from aching or breaking. And that, folks, is magical in and of itself!

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