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Happy Easter! Celebrate the Day with these LUSH Goodies!


Whether you’re taking your little ones on an Easter egg scavenger hunt, hosting a family brunch or dinner, or going to a parade or festival, you can cap off the day by treating yourself (or your loved ones) to some appropriately themed bath treats from all-natural vegan brand LUSH. This year’s Easter-themed offerings include bath bars and fizzy bath bombs in pretty pastel colors and whimsical shapes that pertain to age-old Easter lore.

First, there’s the Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb ($6.95 at LUSH stores and LUSHusa.com), my 9-year-old son’s absolute favorite since it smells like cotton candy with a hint of vanilla (a scent that’s strikingly similar to the sugary bubblegum aroma of the Snow Fairy body wash released during the holiday season). Though it’s been released in previous seasons, this egg-shaped bath bomb never fails to disappoint and is perfect for Easter baskets and gift bags.  Shaped like a jumbo-sized egg with raised polka dot-like details along  it slower half, this fragrant bath bomb quickly dissolves in warm water, filling your tub with tones of pink, yellow, and blue, and unleashing the saccharine, pink bubblegum scent that will make kids (and adults who are kids at heart) feel giddy while splish-splashing away.

Since the Easter Bunny is as synonymous with the holiday as Santa Claus is with Christmas, LUSH re-released the rabbit-friendly Carrot Bubble Bar ($7.95 at LUSH stores and LUSHusa.com), a soapy bath bar that is literally shaped like an orange carrot and features a cluster of green, straw-like “leaves” so that you can easily grip the product without having to get the soapy orange residue on your hands (a definite perk when you want to stash the bar away since it can actually last you for about 5 soaks or so). Unlike the Fluffy Egg, this isn’t a bath bomb, so don’e expect it to dissolve if you toss it inside a tub filled with warm water. Instead, this bar creates tiny, frothy bubbles when you swirl it vigorously inside water, making the tub a fun shade of orange that won’t stick to your skin (don’t worry! you won’t look like a Jersey Shore character when you emerge from your bath as all the colors are rinsed completely off), and filling the room with a zesty citrus aroma thanks to the Sicilian lemon oil, bergamot oil, and limonene in the formula. A touch of  South African buchu oil, meanwhile, gives the scent a subtle earthy but fruity blackcurrant-tinged note while also working as an anti-septic and anti-inflammatory, making any bath all the more relaxing and therapeutic. Kids will be particularly fond of the Carrot Bubble Bar since it’s virtually indestructible. My son was literally bashing it against the tub at one point since, apparently, boys just have to know what it takes to make any and everything crumble, and even he emerged from his bath convinced that there was no way to crumble, break, or snap the bubble bar. Best of all, he spent over a half hour in the tub because he was simply having so much fun swirling the carrot inside the water and watching the tiny bubbles rise to the surface while uttering the words, “What’s up, Doc?” in his best Bugs Bunny voice.

And since the Easter Bunny clearly didn’t lay any eggs and hens simply son’t get enough credit on this particular holiday, bringing to the forefront the whole “What came first: the chicken or the egg?” question, LUSH decided to pay homage to these feathery females with its new Heñata Bath Bomb ($7.95 at LUSH stores and LUSHusa.com). Shaped like a hen, this product was inspired by Mexican piñatas and, as you might expect, is filled with all types of exciting surprises. You can, of course, toss this tangerine-colored chicken into your tub and watch it dissolve, eventually revealing the treasures inside or, for a more dramatic effect, you can smash it against the side of the tub and peek inside. Tucked inside the citrus-scented Heñata, you’ll find a smaller, egg-shaped bath bomb, along with decorative flower petals that spread out inside your tub as the bath bomb fizzes and dissolves, filling your tub with  festive egg yolk yellow and tangerine swirls of colors. The smashable Heñata Bath Bomb, a truly innovative and wickedly clever product, owes its zesty citrus aroma to the Sicilian mandarin oil, tangerine oil, and bergamot oil in the formula. The fizzy effect created by this bath bomb (along with the aforementioned bath bombs and bubble bars), meanwhile, stems from a combination of cream of tartar and sodium bicorbonate which is, in turn, blended with skin nourishing botanical oils like coconut oil, gardenia extract, and rapeseed oil. Last but not least, the Heñata stores red rose and marigold flower petals that add both a colorful touch to any bath and which also heighten that element of surprise and the sudden outpour of contents that we associate with a traditional piñata bashing.

After trying all three of the above-mentioned products, I must say I have a soft spot for the Heñata since there’s definitely something exciting about smashing the bath bomb and watching its contents spill out into the tub, plus the orange scent is perky and uplifting. Kids, however, will also really love th Fluffy Egg, both because of its adorable design and because of its sugary scent.

The LUSH Easter 2013 treat are available for a limited time, so make sure to pick some up while you can — even if it means dipping into a LUSH store before heading to your favorite egg hunt event! Enjoy your Easter, everyone!



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