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Meet the Electric Company — Maybelline Introduces new Color Goes Electric Collection of Color Show Nail Lacquers

Just as temperatures begin to rise, nail lacquer colors intensify and the entire world seems like a brighter, more vibrant, captivating place. Embracing the ebullient spirit of the spring and summer seasons, Maybelline has released a new collection of Color Show nail lacquers dubbed Color Goes Electric. As with all Maybelline Color Show nail lacquers, these limited-edition shades retail for only $3.99, for a true collect-them-all situation. The Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquer Limited Edition Color Goes Electric Collection incorporates on-trend jewel tones like a pink tourmaline hue, a deep sapphire blue, a teal prasiolite quartz shade, and a purple amethyst color along with sizzling orange, lime green, coral red, and plum colors. The ardent nail lacquer shades have such an irresistible luster that they’ll remind you of the chrome paint jobs on tricked-out lowriders.

The ten limited-edition shades in the collection are:

Alluring Rose

Blast of Blue

Coral Glow

Flash of Purple

Mesmerizing Magenta

Shock Wave

Orange Extreme

Passionate Plum

Intense Teal

Lustrous Lime

But, the dynamic and robust nail polish hues are only part of the collection’s appeal. After trying out several of the nail lacquer shades, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that they were more richly pigmented, shinier, and longer lasting than any Color Show polish I’ve tried in the past. In fact, I’ve done house work without using rubber gloves my nails (dishes, cleaning the kitchen, doing laundry, etc.) and emerged without a single chipped nail. Also, I’ve noticed that the color doesn’t fade after a few days but, instead, maintains that same level of intensity that awes you when you first apply the lacquer.

These results stem from a new-and-improved formula that incorporates a suspension gel that holds concentrated pigments so as to make the color applied to nails appear as robust and full-bodied as it does inside its packaging. This new technology, then, means a superior color pay-off, less streaking and color separation (which, in turn, means less coats to achieve full coverage), and an extraordinary degree of shine. The flexible resin in the formula also translates into a smoother application, so that the product adheres to the nail bed easily and locks in place to guarantee less peeling or chipping. The wide Easy Flow Brush, meanwhile, means less mistakes when you’re giving yourself a mani (and this is coming from someone with admittedly unsteady hands!).

I’ve had a chance to try three of the 10 high-wattage shades: Flash of Purple, Alluring Rose, and Orange Extreme. Below, you’ll find photos of all three nail lacquers!

First, you’ll find images of the Orange Extreme nail lacquer, a frisky orange reminiscent of an orange popsicle but significantly richer and deeper plus boasting a  stunning, mirror-like sheen.

Next, you’ll find images of the Alluring Rose nail lacquer, reminiscent of magenta mum chrysanthemum flowers but with an iridescent quality that makes the deep pink hue appear more violet in certain lighting. The color is reminiscent of an aurora nebulae formation but, again, the transparent suspension gel enhances the level of shine.

The Flash of Purple color reminded me of  the paint job you’d see on a Chevy lowrider. For one, the purple color is incredibly deep and gem-like, but the metallic sheen and gleaming finish add a youthful and urban chic quality to the lacquer.

I’m loving all three color but have a definite soft spot for the Orange Extreme shade — and, after testing these out, I’m making a beeline to the drugstore to get my hands on the Lustrous Lime  and Tenacious Teal nail lacquers.

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