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Converse Launches Limited Edition Graphics Edition — Sneakers of a Graphic Nature

It’s been about a decade since sneaker companies began offering customers the option of customizing their sneakers, selecting the color of the uppers, laces, lining, eyelets, outsole, heel counter, and more — and, of course, Converse has provided this alternative as well via its “Design Your Own” tool on Converse.com. But, let’s face it: sometimes we want to go beyond interesting color combinations and figure out how we can create our own prints — or, at the very least, customize pre-existing patterns or designs. Enter Converse’s new Graphics edition, which incorporates hi-top Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers with canvas bearing striking designs digitally printed using a top-of-the-line printer typically used to produce prints with a photographic quality. The Graphic edition’s prints are categorized into four overarching themes: Space, Music, Skulls, and Animals.

The Music category, for instance, incorporates three designs, among them the one shown above at top, which seems rooted in hip-hop culture thanks to the illustrations, which include a Radio Raheem-style boombox, massive  Kool Herc-worthy speakers, and oversize headphones , along with the  graffiti-style paint drips that run down vertically  from the ankle collar in a haphazard manner. Those who gravitate towards this print can then customize it by choosing the color of the backstay (a stitched ribbon detail along the heel counter); selecting whether to add a name, date or phrase to this backstay and, in turn, choosing the font and color of said inscription; picking the lining , sidewall, and racing stripe colors; choosing the color of the laces and eyelets; and even choosing the shade of the stitching used all along the uppers. The print itself, however, can’t be changed so that the color of the uppers and of the illustration remain the same. But, of course, the print’s feel will change dramatically with just a few alterations, which is how customers can ultimately make prints their own.

Similarly, the Space edition print incorporates four different cosmic-flavored patterns: one  featuring a serene dark blue sky with twinkling stars and three nebulous designs reminiscent of aurora borealis displays: one incorporating shades of red, purple, and pink (as shown above, third from top); another incorporating shades of  blue, gray, and purple; and yet another featuring green, light pink, blue, and yellow hues.

The Skulls edition incorporates three designs: one a tattoo-flavored, purple-toned print with a skull propped atop a bed or roses (shown second from top); a second alternative featuring a pink backdrop and an almost kinetic design, with diamonds, roses and spiderwebs all covering the backdrop and two seemingly painted skulls placed front and center, giving the shoes a Día de los Muertos vibe; and a third design featuring an illustrated backdrop that almost looks like it was sketched using a pen and an oversize skull with an open jaw adorning the side of the sneaker, its interior  filled with a psychedelic purple-and-blue design that juxtaposes koi fish, flowers,diamonds, and tribal-flavored geometric shapes.

Lastly, the Animals option offers customers their choice of zebra,  leopard, or snake prints.

I’m particularly struck by the Music and Space print options, so I’d definitely suggest tinkering with those and seeing if you can infuse some of your own personality into these graphics.

Each pair of sneakers retails for $75. Visit  Converse.com to get started!


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