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Gud from Burt’s Bees Ruby Red Groovy Collection


Happy Earth Day! Güd, the youthful and playful skincare and haircare brand from the masterminds behind all-natural leader Burt’s Bees, is venturing to outshine every other product on the natural beauty aisle, instantly drawing consumers’ attention with its perky and colorful packaging. But, of course, the packaging is only the initial allure. Once you try out each product, you’ll be intoxicated by its fruity aroma — and in no case is this truer than in that of the new Güd Red Ruby Groovy collection.

Just last year, Güd was dipping its big toe into the expansive natural beauty pool but, within months, the brand had made a splash — in large part due to the enthusiastic response of instant converts like myself (check out my initial Güd coverage in last year’s Earth Day special). Now, the brand continues to blossom, with the latest development being the addition of the Red Ruby Groovy aroma to the existing range, which already incorporates the Pearanormal Activity, Vanilla Flame, Orange Petalooza, and Floral Cherrynova aromas. As with most Güd fans, I was instantly drawn to the Pearanormal Activity fragrance, which reminded me of the Victoria’s Secret Pear Glacé Body Mist I used to adore during my college years (and which I swore was some type of aphrodisiac!). But now, after experiencing the Red Ruby Groovy scent, I’m staying on the ruby lane.

The Red Ruby Groovy fragrance has the kick of a citrus scent but it’s also a remarkably juicy scent, plus it manages to not feel overly sweet — in large part due to the wild thyme note at its heart and the slightly more bitter black currant top note.  The aromatic composition, then, includes top notes of grapefruit, black currant, and mandarin, along with middle notes of apple, papaya, and thyme, and base notes of musk. The result is lively, invigorating, and flirtatious, so juicy that others around you will want to lean in and take a bite (but not in that weird Hannibal way). Described as a grapefruit and thyme fragrance, the Red Ruby Groovy aroma is indeed anchored by these scents but it also boasts the slight tartness of black currant, the tangy and tropical quality of papaya, and the juicy but crisp odor of apple.

The Red Ruby Groovy collection, then, incorporates four products: the Güd Red Ruby Groovy Natural Nourishing Shampoo ($6.99 at select food, drug and mass retailers as well as on gudhappens.com), the Güd Red Ruby Groovy Natural Softening Conditioner ($6.99 at select food, drug and mass retailers as well as on gudhappens.com), the Güd Red Ruby Groovy Natural Body Lotion ($6.99 at select food, drug and mass retailers as well as on gudhappens.com), and the Güd Red Ruby Groovy Natural Body Wash ($6.99 at select food, drug and mass retailers as well as on gudhappens.com).

As with all Güd from Burt’s Bees products, the shampoo and conditioner include all-natural ingredients like sunflower seed oil, which protects the hair from free radicals and safeguards hair color; sage leaf extract, which controls oil production and increases blood flow along the scalp, thereby encouraging hair growth; thyme extract, said to condition the hair and scalp and to help prevent hair loss; nettle leaf extract, which can be used as a tonic; peppermint leaf extract, a natural antiseptic and a hair growth stimulator; and hibiscus flower extract, which soothes the scalp and thereby repairs hair.

But the star products are the Red Ruby Groovy Natural Body Wash and Red Ruby Groovy Natural Body Lotion. The body wash creates a delectable and indulgent experience in the shower, and its texture is gel-like without being tacky, sticky, or runny. The lotion, meanwhile, is lightweight and non-greasy, enriched with softening and fatty acid-rich shea butter; vitamin E-packed sunflower seed oil; antioxidant-rich soybean oil; raspberry leaf extract, which soothes skin irritations; black walnut leaf extract, which contains Omega-3 fatty acids that function as emollients and anti-inflammatories; dog rose extract, a natural humectant; and lemon balm extract, a soothing substance that promotes relaxation.

Get into the groove!

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