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Be&D Launches Conceptually-Driven Footwear Line Maison Dumain







We’ve all seen our fair share of trompe l’oeil tees — the one with a screen-printed skeleton, the tuxedo one, the one with a multi-strand pearl necklace, and so forth. With the launch of Maison Dumain, a conceptual spin-off of footwear and handbag brand Be&D that’s mainly centered on classic canvas hi-top sneakers with cheeky silk screen printed designs, the visual trickery is moving down south, all the way to our feet. Masterminded by Be&D Creative Director Steve Dumain, the Maison Dumain footwear collection juxtaposes timeless silhouettes and simple materials with funky designs that convey a sense of urban gumption.

The Maison Dumain Big City sneaker ($128 at BeandD.com), for instance, features a stiletto pump printed on its canvas uppers. The sneaker is available in many color combinations: a neon pink design printed on a red hi-top (shown at top), a cobalt blue stiletto printed against white uppers, a  neon pink stiletto printed on black uppers, and a black stiletto printed against white. An edgier take on the Big City design,  the Maison Dumain Hey Stud sneaker ($158 at BeandD.com) also features a printed stiletto pump but, this time, it’s adorned with domed round stud accents. This particular design is available in three colorways: a black hi-top sneaker with a neon pink pump adorned with gold-toned studs (as shown third from top); a red sneaker with a black pump adorned with gold-toned studs; and a white sneaker with a black pump peppered with silver-toned studs (as shown last above).

Those who like things that go bump at night will appreciate the Boogie Man Bones sneaker ($128 at BeAndD.com), shown above in white with a red printed design, which depicts all the bones on the foot and ankle: the tibia, fibula, metatarsals, talus, and so on. They might remind you of X-Ray images or Halloween fun houses, but one thing’s for sure: these are bad to the bone.

For those who want to make a bang, meanwhile, there’s the Maison Dumain Walking On Guns sneaker ($128 at BeandD.com), which features a print of an upside-down pistol, the top rim of its barrel positioned right on the outsole and a bullet dashing toward the side of the toe cap. Now, the positioning of the pistol is far from accidental since the aim of this sneaker is not to glorify guns but, rather, to bring attention to the need for gun control legislation — particularly in the wake of the Newtown, CT, and Aurora, CO tragedies. By showing an upside-down pistol, then, these sneakers subtly suggest that it’s time to drastically shift our perspective on guns and gun control. To show its commitment to the cause, Maison Dumain will be donating 5% of the profits from the sale of the sneakers to a fund called Mayors Against Illegal Guns.  This design is available in a very graphic colorway, with a black pistol printed on white sneakers (shown second above), a neon pink handgun printed against the white canvas uppers, and glittery gold gun printed against a white backdrop (shown next to last above). Now, this is what I’d call packing heat!



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