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Certified Platinum — The Leather Satchel Company Introduces its Platinum Deep-Gusset Satchels



Last year, when its neon pink, orange, green, and yellow handbags became a must-have among urban trendsetters, the Cambridge Satchel Company experienced an unexpected tipping point moment. The momentum has continued to build over the last year, with Cambridge Satchel Company earning the type of brand recognition enjoyed by heavyweights like Rebecca Minkoff and Lauren Merkin. The company’s success has also sparked a renewed interest in classic satchels which, in turn, has meant a surge in business for the 47-year-old Leather Satchel Co, the oldest satchel-making brand in the UK. Yes, folks, the Leather Satchel Co. was actually first on the scene, so don’t go calling them copycats!

Structured, polished and sleek, the Leather Satchel Company‘s bags all boast the same silhouette — a briefcase-inspired shape with an envelope-like rectangular top flap boasting rounded edges, a square front pocket with rounded corners, two front straps secured with buckles, a top handle, and a detachable shoulder strap that allows for cross-body wear— they come in a wide array of finishes and colors.  Options include glossy patent leather numbers; shiny metallic teal, gold, copper and silver leather styles; darling pastel-toned bags; fluorescent styles; color-blocked designs; and even some ultra fun styles created alongside ASOS, including one with its front pocket adorned by an Aztec-inspired, multi-colored wool pattern, and another featuring a leopard print cotton trim on its front pocket.

Now, the Leather Satchel Company is expanding its family of metallic handbags with the addition of the Platinum Deep-Gusset Leather Satchel, available in an 11″ size or a slightly roomier 12.5″ size. Hand-crafted in England out of ultra-shiny, platinum-toned leather, the Leather Satchel Co. Platinum Deep-Gusset Leather Satchel 11″ ($239.99 at Satchel.co) is meant to be worn as a clutch or cross-body bag, and it features matching stitching so as to maintain the bag’s high-wattage look. Measuring 11″ in width, 8″ in height, and 4.5″ in depth, this satchel boasts a roomy front pocket that itself measures 7.7″ in width, 4.5″ in height, and 1.55″ in depth. The Leather Satchel Co. Platinum Deep-Gusset Leather Satchel 12.5″ ($254.99 at Satchel.co), meanwhile, is slightly larger, measuring 12.5″ in width, 9″ in height.

In addition to their platinum color, what makes these satchels so covetable is their deeper gusset — whereas standard satchels feature a main compartment gusset measuring 3″ in depth, these satchels feature a deeper gusset measuring 4.72″, allowing you to carry significantly more inside your bag.

Visit Satchel.co to purchase yours and stay up to date on all their latest launches by connecting via Facebook at Facebook.com/LeatherSatchel

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