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Enter a Beauty Waterworld with Maybelline New York’s Limited-Edition Color Show Nail Lacquers



It’s officially hit 90 degrees in New York City, which means everyone is dreaming of beaches, swimming pools, lakes, water parks, and pretty much anything involving a body of water in which they can immerse themselves and get some reprieve from the heat. As if on cue, Maybelline New York has released 10 new Color Show nail lacquer shades that are all inspired by aquatic phenomena.

The new colors, available for a limited time only, include:

Azure Seas: A creamy, medium-toned azure blue that will mentally transport you to Santorini, where the water seems to be this gorgeous color

Bare Escape: A blue-toned, whitened gray shade that manages to look tropical as opposed to the typical polar vibe that comes with such a shade

Midnight Swim: A deep, ink-y indigo blue hue meant to remind you of the dark color of the ocean under moonlight

Mint Mist: A  creamy, near-white mint color reminiscent of seafoam but also boasting a bit of a retro vibe

Pacific Blues: A truly unique, perky, dynamic, creamy medium blue shade that incorporates violet tones and captures the coloration of the Pacific Blue Tang fish found in the waters surrounding Fiji and Bali

Turquoise Paradise: A true turquoise color reminiscent of swimming pool waters

Urban Utopia: A medium teal color that strikes a perfect balance between blue and green tones

Canary Cool: A whitened yellow hue with a creamy finish

Poolside: A whitened powder blue with a creamy finish

Sandstorm: A creamy, near-white nude color with peachy pink undertones

During a recent trip to Walgreen’s, I picked up nearly half of the shades in the collection and so, below, you’ll find photos that show what they look like on nails. Chances are they’ll leave you wanting to plan a tropical getaway!

Urban Utopia

This shade is stunning — a deep teal color that almost borders on jade. There’s a vivacity and a verve to this shade that really makes it pop on your nails, and the creamy texture is absolutely delectable.



Pacific Blues

I would roam the Earth over and over again, even enlisting an army of nail polish scavengers, to find this shade — that’s how much I love it! This is a true Pacific Blue and, as such, it incorporates violet undertones that only work to magnify the color’s beauty. Oftentimes “pacific blue” is interpreted as more of a turquoise shade so it’s wonderful to see that Maybelline got the color just right. Check it out!



Azure Seas

Though it’s not the most innovative blue tone ever seen, the new Azure Seas nail lacquer is quite pretty — incorporating enough cool tones to venture into a true azure blue territory as opposed to staying in the turquoise realm. It’s the type of shade you want to rock all summer long since just looking at it will remind you of tropical destinations. This effect is only magnified by the lacquer’s creamy texture and its high-voltage shine.



Mint Mist

This is probably my least favorite of the colors I picked up. It’s a pretty enough shade, but I find that whitened hues are extremely hard to pull off since any mistake, chip, or streak is all the more visible  — and, since I have chronically dry cuticles (a problem I’ve grappled with for years and years), I tend to get a bit self-conscious when wearing this type of color. Aside from that, I also tend to prefer brighter and bolder colors for the summer season, which is why this one didn’t appeal to me as much as some of the other nail lacquers. That being said, if you’re going for a very dainty look or you love slightly retro, pastel tones, this one will melt your heart.



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