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Find A New Pit Stop With Dove’s Go Sleeveless Anti-Perspirant Deodorant


Until recently, I wasn’t aware that underarm dryness was a concern for women. But, then, I began to chat with friends and acquaintances and discovered that many of them grappled with itchy, flaky, sore, burning, red and even ashy armpits — conditions they felt were aggravated by shaving or waxing. Some had tried shaving with gentler creams that contained soothing botanicals and were less likely to lead to nicks and razor bumps or any other type of aggravation but, even after making these adjustments, the problem persisted. They’d even made sure to moisturize the area after showering, waiting until any lotions or oils were fully absorbed by the skin before applying deodorant. And then it hit them: what if their deodorants were the culprits,  aggravating the dryness along their armpits? Clearly, having foul-smelling pits wasn’t an option so they had to discover how to tend to the sensitive skin under their arms while also controlling perspiration, reducing under-arm wetness, killing odor-causing bacteria, and maintaining a fresh smell for hours at a time.

Now, it’s important to note that some folks have legitimate deodorant allergies — or, rather, their skin reacts adversely to specific ingredients within their deodorants or anti-perspirants. Potential allergens include artificial fragrances, lanolin, propylene glycol (a common solvent), essential oils, and parabens like methyl paraben, propyl paraben, and butyl paraben. If, after trying multiple deodorants, you find that you develop a rash or that skin is peeling, you should visit a dermatologist, as well as consider using a hypoallergenic or an all-natural deodorant.

If, however, you’re not dealing with serious allergies but, rather, with mild but uncomfortable underarm dryness, you will absolutely adore the new Dove Go Sleeveless Anti-Perspirant Deodorant ($4.99 at Walgreens.com and CVS.com), available in Nourished Beauty, which has a more powdery and almost aquatic scent, or Beauty Finish, which boasts a more feminine and floral aroma. Both of these solid deodorants are formulated with 15.2% Aluminum Zirconium Tetrachlorohydrex Glycine, the most common active ingredient in anti-perspirants since the aluminum ions work their way into the cells lining the eccrine gland ducts at the opening of the epidermis and, while doing so, carry in water with them, making the cells swell so that the gland ducts are essentially squeezed near-shut, to a point where they can’t release sweat. In recent years, aluminum has become a hot topic issue, with some suggesting the substance could heighten one’s propensity to develop breast cancer. Still, there’s a great deal of debate on this topic and most commercial deodorant continue to contain aluminum-based compounds in lieu of any other active ingredient. Seeing as this is such a staple in drugstore deodorants, then, what makes the Do Go Sleeveless so special are the other ingredients in its formula — mainly moisturizing, softening, and conditioning sunflower seed oil and hydrogenated castor oil. Because Go Sleeveless contains vitamins E and F and because moisturizers account for one fourth of its composition, this deodorant will provide the desired amount of odor protection while also soothing and hydrating the skin under your arms.

But it’s not only women with a history of dry underarms who can benefit from switching to the Dove Go Sleeveless deodorant. Truth be told, all women can use a moisturizing deodorant — after all, sweat glands account for only 1% of the area under the arms, while skin accounts for the remaining 99%. As such, this skin needs to be treated gently — especially since it’s so thin and delicate.

Having switched to Dove Go Sleeveless over three weeks a go, I’ve noticed my underarms feel considerably more comfortable. I do, however, wish the deodorant weren’t a solid white color since, even though it does go on completely clear when rolled onto skin, some of the white residue can transfer onto clothing. I’d recommend applying the deodorant before getting dressed and, if a reapplication is necessary, rolling the deodorant over the desired area with utmost care to avoid any fashion mishaps. Also, I’d advise you steer clear of wearing black tops or dresses while working with this deodorant.

This aside, however, I can find very few drawbacks to the Dove Go Sleeveless. I’m particularly fond of the Nourished Beauty version since the scent isn’t overpowering or cumbersome.





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