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The Gates of Tech-y Style — Check out the Giovanna Battaglia for Case Scenario iPhone 5 Case!




Most fashionistas wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a fanny pack or clutching an oversize checkered plastic bag (like those sold all over Chinatown or at various bodegas in Harlem and the Bronx) — no matter how much they need to haul from point A to point B, they’ll make sure to accomplish this feat with way more style and panache. In a world where presentation is key, style hounds will pay attention to the most minute details — from the color on their fingernails to the cases protecting (and, yes, adorning) their precious cell phones. And why not? After all, with the rise of social media, we find ourselves reaching for our phones every few seconds to snap a quick photo, fire off a text, or send off a clever tweet, so why not make sure the phone itself is something worth talking about?

Monaco-based brand Case Scenario clearly understands the desire for pretty shiny things in all realms — including that of mobile accessories. For this reason, the brand tamed L’Uomo Vogue editor, stylist, and former Dolce & Gabbana model Giovanna Battaglia to design an iPhone 5 cases that reflected her own personal taste. The result is the Giovanna Battaglia iPhone 5 Gate Cover ($40 at Case-Scenario.com),  a clip-on case that mimics the look of an ornate wrought iron gate. The twist, of course, the case’s cheeky take on the scrollwork you might find on the gate of a driveway leading to a grand estate — in this case, swirling “rails” meet to create heart shapes, with four such shaped arranged in a cross-like formation along the center of the case. These heart shapes, however, don’t detract from the overall gate motif, as their lines seamlessly blend in with the other strips for a truly intricate pattern.

Available in pink, black and gold, the Giovanna Battaglia iPhone 5 Gate Cover snaps right onto your phone and is designed to grant full access to all buttons and controls along the side and to perfectly surround the camera lens along the back panel, never obstructing its view. Consider this your gateway to great style in the information age.

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