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Who You Callin’ an Egghead? Check Out the Limited Edition Vipp x Colette x Darcel Set




Talk about one man’s trash being another man’s treasure. Though, as with any wastebasket, the primary function of Vipp’s Pedal Bin is to hold discarded items, this sleek and modern container is the very opposite of a throwaway. In fact, it’s coveted by so many interior décor and design aficionados that it’s actually become emblematic of good taste and an appreciation for fine craftsmanship. In other words: it’s not letting its garbage can status keep it from being a prized possession. This will be twice as true come June, when Vipp will be unveiling a limited edition collection consisting of a 4-liter pedal bin and brush featuring Australian designer Craig Redman’s artwork and available exclusively at Parisian boutique Colette.

Craig Redman, otherwise known as Darcel, has amassed a cult following via his visually-driven website DarcelDisappoints.com, in which he showcases his cartoonish graphics, which are all centered around an egg-shaped, bespectacled, one-eyed creature. This same creature appears in the Vipp x Colette x Darcel pedal bin (check out the close-up above, second from top),  his figure surrounded by symbols of New York City life such as the Statue of Liberty, along with whimsical icons like a broken key, a tennis ball, a wine bottle, and an apple core. Two blue colored dots, meanwhile, reference the Colette logo. A similar design appears on the exterior of the slim toilet brush, which is sold as a companion piece to the pedal bin.

Retailing for $525 and available only at Colette and colette.fr, the Vipp x Colette x Darcel set is bound to make your restroom a happier, more colorful place. Here’s hoping a Darcel shower curtain becomes available soon!



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