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For Your Eyes Only — Check Out The New Sunnies From Rowley Eyewear!








Few names are as synonymous with the contemporary New York City fashion scene as that of Cynthia Rowley. Since she is a bespectacled beauty herself, she knows the importance of having a stylish pair of frames that defies the tired “Guys don’t make passes at girls with glasses” adage. Which is why, of course, as her fashion empire grew, she joined forced with family-owned eyewear company B. Robinson Optical to develop a full range of both optical eyewear and sunglasses that would prove to be a saving grace for those with less-than-perfect vision and a fashion accessory “must” for those with 20/20 sight.  Now, Rowley’s optical offerings have earned their own stand-alone digital home at RowleyEyewear.com, an e-commerce platform that allows customers to peruse through both Rowley Eyewear and Mr Powers offerings, the latter consisting of men’s prescription optical styles and sunglasses.

In addition to being irresistibly chic, the sunglasses in the Rowley Eyewear collection boast affordable price points so that women can switch their specs as often as they do their shoes or handbags. And, unlike at other online sunglasses boutiques, at RowleyEyewear.com, you have the option of adding prescription lenses to your sunnies so that you can block the sun’s rays without having to squint in order to discern the objects right in your line of sight. Eight different styles and silhouettes of sunnies are available, each designed in at least three different color schemes.

Fans of classic aviators will appreciate the No. 10 style (not shown here) or the No. 24 ($99 at Rowley Eyewear.com), shown fourth above, a more psychedelic interpretation of the shape that incorporates mirrored lenses that seem almost iridescent, like oil puddles in the sunlight. Another take on a timeless style, the No. 07 ($99 at RowleyEyewear.com), shown last above in the Red color scheme, is a nod to the classic Ray-Ban Wayfarer, but it’s meant to have a more ladylike feel thanks to a shorter overall height, slightly thinner acetate strips along the lenses, and arms in contrasting colors (in this case, a clear hue). Standard round frames, meanwhile, are given a modern makeover via the No. 03 ($99 at RowleyEyewear.com), shown second above), which is available in unexpected colors like Indigo (as pictured here).

In keeping with Rowley’s fascination with 1960s and 1970s style, the Rowley Eyewear SS13 collection incorporates some retro-flavored styles like the  No. 78 ($99 at RowleyEyewear.com), pictured fifth above. These oversizes frames epitomize geek chic, but they’re made quirky and, well, adorkable via the clever frame and lens color combinations. The Blush option shown above is particularly noteworthy, with pearly acetate frames in a girly peachy pink and rose-tinted lenses that fade from top to bottom, moving from a deeper wine-tinged shade to a lighter, more delicate pink hue.

If you prefer looking to the future, as opposed to the past, when cobbling together your outfits, try the No. 41 ($99 at RowleyEyewear.com), pictured second to last above. Feature a flat top rim and a top-heavy acetate frame, these will appeal to fans of space-aged style — plus, they come in quirky color options like the Tortoise Fade shown above, which starts off as a deep brown color at the top and then fades as the eye moves downward, eventually becoming completely clear.

But my personal favorites are the No. 61 frames ($99 at RowleyEyewear.com), shown above at top, a wink to the frames worn by Audrey Hepburn in her turn as Holly Golightly in Brakfast at Tiffany’s. Though the shape is strikingly similar — down to the undulating top rim — the colorways available, like the Blue Tortoise shown above, are undeniably modern and unique.



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