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It’s “Lights, Camera, Action!” Time with New Jimmy Choo FLASH Eau de Parfum



The box in which the new Jimmy Choo FLASH Eau de Parfum ($75 for 2 fl. oz. and $98 for 3.3 fl. oz.; available at Nordstrom stores and Nordstrom.com) is packaged — in and of itself — lures onlookers in with its lavishness, its exterior coated with silver-toned glitter, its borders outlined in thick black and the words “FLASH” stamped along the center of the front panel in a clear, commanding, bold font. Right away, your imagination travels to a red carpet event, and you picture a Hollywood siren emerging from a stretch limousine, clad in a floor-length gown embroidered with fine crystals and beads and featuring a long sloping train, journalists and photographers lurking behind gated areas to catch a glimpse of the glamorous starlet, clicking noises and flashing lights punctuating their need to capture that special moment. That feeling of unbridled anticipation right before the big “reveal,” that moment when everyone is angling for the first glimpse of that A-lister, the electricity that’s practically palpable in the air — that’s the sensation that the Jimmy Choo Flash EDP seems to capture.

When developing the fragrance, master perfumer Christine Nagel was inspired by the notion of sophisticated, savvy, jet-setting cosmopolitan women sashaying down the street in such trendsetting cities as New York and London, their Jimmy Choo heels clacking against the pavement with every confident step. She ventured to create a scent that would stand an ode to just such a woman and decided on a bouquet of white florals but incorporated some rather playful and provocative notes to give the scent a slightly naughty and capricious feel. The woman who wears Jimmy Choo FLASH, then, is glamorous and cultured, self-assured and in control, but she’s also a thrill seeker with a bit of a rebellious edge. She wants to live life on her very own terms and her fiercely independent spirit is part of what makes her so enigmatic and yet so appealing, so magnetic. She’s an Angelina Jolie or a Rooney Mara, if you will: polished and sexy, unafraid of taking risks when it comes to her career, romantic affairs, personal style, and artistic ventures.

To create that feeling of adrenaline coursing through your veins and endorphins being released in your brains, Jimmy Choo FLASH opens with a juicy yet spicy kick thanks to a sparkling, zesty tangerine note; a  hint of mouth-watering, juicy strawberry; and a dash of piquant pink pepper.  These top notes create a striking first impression, one that’s slightly playful and naughty. I like to think of the notes as creating the type of anticipation you’d feel when waiting for that A-list starlet to emerge from her limousine and step onto the red carpet at the Academy Awards. More precisely, I’d equate the feeling to that limousine door opening ever so slightly, to that hold-your-breath moment before the door is completely ajar.

These top notes lead the way to a white floral bouquet consisting of jasmine. tuberose and white lily so that, at its heart, the fragrance is undeniably feminine and coquettish but in a way that feels modern and fresh, that feels commanding rather than dainty.

Base notes of heliotrope and white woods, meanwhile, add a carnality to the fragrance, but this sensuality is somewhat elusive, as if they constituted a secret that a woman would only unveil to those awarded the privilege of such intimate contact.

When wearing this fragrance, you’ll feel like a star, like the audience is your stage. But you’ll feel like a born star — not some flash in the pan, not some YouTube “sensation.” After all, the scent itself isn’t overly showy nor does it try too hard. It doesn’t scream, “Look at me!” It doesn’t stage wardrobe malfunctions, chop off its shoulder-length hair in favor of a pixie cut, or show up in a swan dress (or, for that matter, one made of steaks or Muppets).  In fact, part of this modern white floral scent’s appeal is that it commands attention effortlessly. Its star power is so bright, it doesn’t need gimmicks.

The luminous quality of the fragrance is also conveyed via its bottle, which boasts a cube-like shape, with round indentations on each of its four sides, three of these flat circular surfaces featuring tiny concave indentations that create an almost quilted-like look. These angular elements reflect and refract light, giving the bottle an incandescent look. Inspired by a 1970s chandelier featuring crystal, lucite, and metal components, the bottle’s design conveys a sense of opulence, while its violet color alludes to the ultraviolet lights commonly used at posh nightclubs.

To out it simply, the Jimmy Choo FLASH Eau de Parfum is simply an olfactory flash of genius.

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