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15 Statement Necklaces to Spice up your Summer Wardrobe

When it’s so hot that you find yourself perspiring minutes after stepping out of the shower, putting together an elaborate outfit can seem like the most daunting and exhausting task, the type of thought that feels so excruciatingly taxing it almost makes you yearn for a nap. Fortunately, you can keep things simple and look fabulous with the right mix of accessories. A simple T-shirt and shorts ensemble can be jazzed up with a cropped blazer, some saucy heels, and a standout necklace. Heck, even a tank dress can be transformed with a crystal encrusted collar, beaded or crocheted bib necklace, or a metallic choker ! Below, you’ll find 15 statement necklaces, ranging in price from $38 all the way to $998, that are such wearable pieces of art, they will make you want to stick your neck out — literally.


dannijo-reese-necklaceDannijo Reese Necklace, $995. Available at Dannijo.com

This gunmetal-plated collar necklace is a nice deviation from Dannijo’s go-to necklace silhouettes: its sides resting right along the center of the collarbones, and the floral motifs along the tips positioned inches below the throat. The necklace has a bit of a serpentine shape along the bottom tip (think of a snake chasing its own tail), a clever detail that allows the placement of the floral adornments to be slightly staggered. The collar portion of the necklace features three rows of Swarovski crystals — one a moody blue color, one black, and one gunmetal — while the tips are adorned with teardrop- and almond-shaped Swarovski crystals. One end features elongated, petal-like crystals in varying shades of translucent pink positioned around a faceted, diamond-shaped pink stones, with slightly larger purple stones along the outer perimeter. The other tip, meanwhile, features a row of orange, purple, and lavender colored stones that lead up to a yellow flower design consisting of a smooth, oval-toned enamel stone surrounded by teardrop-shaped citrine and dark yellow Swarovksi crystals. To add a lush, forest-worth feel, a bed of emerald-toned crystals finishes off the piece.

venessa-arizaga-green-lightning-necklaceVenessa Arizaga Green Lightning Necklace, $395. Available at VenessaArizaga.com

Didn’t think crochet could go glam? Well, leave it to New York-based Puerto Rican jewelry designer Venessa Arizaga to accomplish this feat. The designer reinvents crochet by using neon green polyester threads and weaving them around a hefty, antique silver-plated brass chain then created a chandelier-worthy effect by draping strands of glass rhinestones to create a 16″-long piece that’s modern but regal.

the-2bandits-bow-tie-chokerThe 2Bandits Bow Tie Choker, $118. Available at The2Bandits.com

To give you outfit a Southwestern touch, look no further than this bow tie choker from The 2Bandits, made of antique brass and featuring a diamond-shaped lime green enamel diamond inset along the center, as well as linear etchings that accentuate the bow shape.

fallon-rosewell-crystal-cluster-v-necklaceFallon Rosewell Crystal Cluster V Necklace, $550. Available at IntermixOnline.com

With lethal-looking conical spikes dangling from snake coil chains along the bottom of this V-shaped necklace and shooting upwards along the sides of the curb chain link grounding the piece, this silver-plated brass piece looks like an ode to planet Krypton. The turquoise stones scattered throughout, meanwhile, add a touch of Southwestern charm , while the teardrop-shaped black stones again create a sense of drama and danger. Measuring 12″ in length, this lavish looker is galactic glam at its finest.

jcrew-technicolor-floral-necklaceJ.Crew Technicolor Floral Necklace, $165. Available at JCrew.com

Color me happy! This adorable necklace, measuring 17″ in length, features clustered resin stones in bright, retro shades like aqua blue, cotton candy pink, pastel yellow, and snow white, some in almond or teardrop shapes, others rectangular, round, or oval. These colored resin stones are arranged so as to create an abstract floral design inspired by a vintage motif from an English print house. Round glass crystals, meanwhile, add a hint of shine to the piece. The medley of colors and shapes creates a festive energy that will remind you of confetti and, as a result, make you smile from ear to ear.

shourouk-pixie-necklace-charm-and-chainShourouk Pixie Necklace, $938. Available at CharmandChain.com

It may rely on a trompe l’oeil effect, but this necklace is far from a gimmick. The necklace features two clear PVC strips with a neon green trim along the back, one side featuring a snap-on button and the other side featuring three different closures so customers can decide on whether they want the necklace to have a length of 20, 21, or 22 inches. The main part of the piece is also made of clear PVC but it’s encrusted with clear and painted Swarovski crystals to create an interesting interplay of textures and materials. What makes the piece so interesting is that, rather than having chains or metal plates to string together Swarovski crystals, this one utilizes PVC, carefully creating a pattern on this fabric that incorporates a very specific placement of stones. The prong-set stones are then set into each corresponding slot so that they appear to be strung together. And, of course, there are the hand-painted stones in the fluorescent coral and yellow shades, which add a bit of flash to an otherwise muted color scheme.

Blu-Bijoux-onyx-peacock-crystal-bib-necklace-Max-and-chloeBlu Bijoux Onyx Peacock Crystal Bib Necklace, $38. Available at MaxandChloe.com

You don’t have to break the bank to snatch up a statement necklace. Just look at this head turner from Blu Bijoux! Featuring a chunky gold-plated chain link necklace, the piece creates a statement via a 7″-long bib that consists of rectangular, faceted, onyx-colored resin stones with clusters of smaller, teardrop-shaped fuchsia, pink, and emerald colored Austrian crystals dangling from the stones’ lower rims in accordion-like shapes, their colors and petal-like forms reminiscent of floral arrangements.

banana-republic-dahlia-burst-necklaceBanana Republic Dahlia Burst Necklace, $89.50. Available at BananaRepublic.com

Did you know dahlias were first spotted in 16th century Mexico? These colorful blooms, which the Aztecs in their cuisine and also for medicinal purposes (such as to cure epilepsy), get the star treatment in this festive Banana Republic necklace. Measuring 18″ in length, the piece consists of a 10k gold-plated chain link necklace adorned with three lush, vermillion-colored dahlias crafted using tubular acrylic stones arranged in a starburst-like shape, their tips punctuated by small golden beads, their centers decorated by round yellow stones.

nakamol-designer-beaded-multi-strand-necklaceNakamol Design Beaded Multi-Strand Necklace, $98. Available at Nordstrom and Nordstrom.com

If you’re a Boho babe, you’ll love the tribal feel of this Nakamol Design necklace. Handcrafted in Thailand, this 10″-long piece features eight dainty golden chains, each featuring color-blocked rows of wood or resin beads — some gold-toned and some in punchy shades like orange, red, magenta, and turquoise. These rows of beads are divided into sections and draped ever so slightly for a slouchy, laid-back look that adds to the necklace’s laid-back ease.

erickson-beamon-navy-necklace-club-monacoErickson Beamon Navy Necklace, $295. Available at ClubMonaco.com

Navy blues and purples harmonize to create an operatic, grand, majestic motif in this piece from Erickson Beamon, featuring eleven abstract crystal clusters that undulate so as to infuse the piece with a kinetic energy. Glossy round, triangular, and teardrop-shaped in midnight blue create a sense of mystery, while lighter purple stones soften the overall design and neutral-hued spherical bead interspersed throughout the piece add a sense of balance.

venessa-arizaga-bees-knees-necklaceVenessa Arizaga Bee’s Knees Necklace, $450. Available at VenessaArizaga.com

Neon and summer fashion go together like peanut butter and jelly. Venessa Arizaga proves this point with this wide collar necklace, featuring neon yellow thread woven through a silver-plated brass chains, its upper and lower edges trimmed with glass rhinestones that will shimmer gaily  in the sunlight.

nocturne-sandi-bib-necklaceNocturne Exclusive Sandi Bib Necklace, $198. Available at IntermixOnline.com

Look closely at this Nocturne collar necklace and you’ll be stunned by the excellent craftsmanship, the attention to detail, the care with which each bead and stone was placed into the desired locale. The foundation of this piece is a silver-toned curb link chain with black thread crocheted along its bottom rim. Encrusted into this crochet edging are round teal-colored crystals, slightly larger prong-set cobalt crystals, and diamond-shaped white stones with veiny black surfaces that create a marble-like look. A secondary row of crystals and stones features an alternating pattern of hollow rectangular cylinder stones and square, faceted cobalt-toned stones. But, of course, the wow factor comes from the elongated leather strips that create a fanned-out shape reminiscent of peacock feathers. Each black leather strip is embellished with fabric-covered buttons; slim cylindrical gold-toned beads; faceted round and rectangular stones in cobalt blue, clear, or teal; and faceted, jade-like stones in almond shapes.

jcrew-turquoise-and-turquoise-statement-necklaeJ.Crew Tortoise and Turquoise Statement Necklace, $198. Available at JCrew.com

As if the pavé-set rhinestones adorning sections of this necklace didn’t create enough of a vintage allure, the piece also incorporates tortoise shell plates for a classic retro vibe. In fact, the pentagon-shaped pendant at the center of the piece features a tortoise base, which is in turn adorned by teardrop-shaped turquoise stones and leaf-shaped glass crystals in clear and pink. The gold-plated brass chain, meanwhile, is adorned with turquoise beads and hoop-like accents encrusted with pavé-set rhinestones.

bcbgmaxazria-inlay-zipper-necklaceBCBGMAXAZRIA Inlay Zipper Necklace, $68. Available at BCBG.com

Add a hint of rock ‘n’ roll to your outfit with this cheeky necklace from BCBGMAXAZRIA, which features linked silver-toned plates filled with faux black leather for a rebellious vibe. The pointed center plate includes a metallic zipper detail that makes it look like you’re ready to show some skin, performing a striptease of sorts for onlookers.

dannijo-lana-necklaceDannijo Lana Necklace, $945. Available at Dannijo.com

The design duo behind costume jewelry phenom Dannijo may experiment with different materials and shapes but one thing they avoid is dainty, cutesy, and miniature pieces — and that’s, of course, why we love their work. Made for the adventurous urban woman who commands attention with her style choices, the Lana necklace is bold, brazen, and irresistible. Handmade in New York City, the necklace incorporates different materials — from oversize, prong-set, rectangular yellow resin stones to oxidized silver snake chains; clear, black, and emerald Swarovski crystals in round, teardrop, and rectangular shapes; and rectangular silver strips with mirror-like surfaces.

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