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Give your Fourth of July Look a Touch of Red, White, and Blue with Nissa Jewelry’s Americana Collection









You may want to give your Fourth of July ensemble a patriotic kick, draping yourself in stars and stripes; color blocking red, white, and blue; donning red-and-white gingham print shirts or dresses; and tying a polka dot bandanna around your head for a modern take on the Rosie the Riveter look. But, though well-intentioned, these Americana-themed ensembles can easily go from fun-loving and cheeky to gaudy and tacky, leaving you looking like you’re a walking shrine to Betsy Ross. In the end, it’s all about moderation and balance. Which is why one of the smartest things you can do is to rely on your accessories to express your festive spirit. That’s where Nissa Jewelry’s Americana collection comes in. Many of the pieces in the collection feature the red, white, and blue color combination we associate with our nation’s flag, but they incorporate unexpected details like vintage scarf prints reminiscent of calico quilts, gold-toned domed studs, chunky chain links, and dark blue crystals.

Take, for instance, the Nissa Jewelry Charlotte Bracelet ($78 at NissaJewelry.com), which features vintage fabric woven through a double silver-toned chain link bracelet. Three pieces of fabric were braided together: an apple red cloth, a solid white strip, and a white strip with an inky blue, floral, toile-like print. The contrast of the hefty chain links, made using recycled metal, and the loose strands of fabric dangling from the bracelet like Boho chic ribbons creates a nice interplay between hard and soft, industrial and pastoral, modern and vintage.

Featuring a more vintage-inspired design, the Nissa Jewelry Clara Earrings ($58 at NissaJewelry.com) measure 1.75″ in length and combine the stud accents we associate with rocker-flavored urban looks with linen-like fabrics. The round earring posts are rimmed in a yellow gold tone, their flattened interior lined with a toile-like fabric in a cream color with indigo blue patterns while teardrop-shaped pieces of metal dangle beneath them, their interiors lined with a color-blocked red-and-ivory fabric. And, along the vertical line dividing the red and cream shades within the teardrop-shaped surface, you’ll find a row of three gold-toned domed studs.

Similarly, bold elements and quaint, traditional motifs are fused together in the Nissa Jewelry Stanton Cuff ($88 at NissaJewelry.com), a handmade piece made of recycled metal. The gold-toned adjustable cuff, measuring 1.125″ in width,  functions as the foundation of the piece, while two double chain link strands are stacked atop each other and positioned atop this cuff base. A red-and-cream fabric strip is threaded through one of these chain link strands, while a second printed fabric is threaded through the second chain link strand.

One of my favorite pieces in the collection, the Nissa Jewelry Abigail Ring ($58 at NissaJewelry.com) features a shield-like design. Made of recycled metal and boasting a gold finish, the ring measures 1.5″ in height and features pointed tips along the center of the bottom and top edges. Along the center of the ring, in a vertical row, you’ll find three button-like accents, each with a fabric interior.

Other standout pieces include the Nissa Jewelry Eleanor Necklace ($58 at NissaJewelry.com), featuring a cluster of teardrop-shaped pieces arranged in an arrow-like formation, each piece’s interior lined with fabric; the Nissa Jewelry Jackie Cuff ($58 at NissaJewelry.com), which features thread wrapped around a gold-toned adjustable cuff, creating a color-blocked pattern whereby some surface areas are completely covered by thread and others are left bare so that the golden finish will shine through; the Nissa Jewelry Lucy Earrings ($98 at NissaJewelry.com), featuring two round discs with fabric interiors, their outer perimeters adorned with blue crystals to make them resemble flowers; and the Nissa Jewelry Betsey Cuff ($68 at NissaJewelry.com), wrapped in fabric and adorned with gold-toned studs.

With these pieces, you can celebrate Independence Day while still maintaining your own unique sense of style. After all: it’s a day to celebrate freedom!

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