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Keep your Legs and Bikini Line Silky Smooth with BIC Bella AND BIC Soleil Shave & Trim





The season of shorts, sundresses, frilly skirts, and swimsuits is in full swing — and though most of us love the whimsy and cheer associated with summer (not to mention trips to the beach and pool, cookouts, ice cream dates, impromptu picnics at the park, and frozen cocktail parties), these months can require women to be even more diligent about their personal grooming habits. Whereas during the winter, we can often hide stubble-covered legs underneath pants and jeans, going significantly longer than we should in between shaving sessions, there’s no room for cheating in the summer, when legs and underarms are fully exposed. The constant shaving can prove to be a hassle for those of us who are on the hairy side (as kids, I lovingly nicknamed my dad Chewbacca, which should serve as a visual marker of my genetic predispositions) and are therefore subjected to rather quick regrowth, which is why it’s important to find the proper razors and shaving creams to address this situation in the most effective manner possible.

Seeing as I find myself shaving every other day throughout the summer, I was more than happy when I was approached about testing out the latest razors from BIC. I started out by testing the BIC Bella Soleil razors, which come three in a pack and feature translucent handles with aquatic hues: a greenish, lagoon-worthy teal; a refreshing azure blue; and a light, almost mint-y jade hue. A pack of three razors is available for approximately $6.99 at mass food and drug retailers, among them CVS and Walgreens. If you haven’t done the math, that means you get three razors for less than what you’d ordinarily pay for a single razor from a competitor brand. Needless to say, the season-appropriate packaging and the lower price point make for an enticing combination.

But, of course, even the most rabid penny pincher would agree that a lower price point wouldn’t be worth the displeasure of enduring countless nicks and cuts, developing razor burn or ingrown hairs, or even finding that each shave left behind patchy bits of stubble. Luckily, the BIC Bella Soleil razors perform rather well, delivering a smooth shave thanks to the four flexible blades at their tips (an improvement from the original BIC Soleil razors, which included only three blades). The razors glide onto skin rather easily, their tips pivoting ever so slightly so that you can maneuver over more rounded areas like knee caps of around the ankles. And, thanks to a moisture strip enriched with coconut milk, the blades don’t feel abrasive against the skin. Best of all, the blades can be rinsed easily so that you won’t have to stare at old shaving cream, stubble, and dead skin stuck along the back of your razor or in between blade strips. Literally all you have to do is run the razor underneath a bit of water after shaving and this will remove most of the debris.

That being said, the BIC Soleil Bella razors aren’t necessarily designed to be used over and over ad nauseum. They’re meant to be disposable — even if it’s not a single serving type of scenario. I’ve found I can get four to five shaves out of each razor, which is a pretty solid amount. Will you be getting the closest shave ever with this razor? Well, probably not. But it does the trick and, again, costs significantly less than most alternatives.

But the products I’m most excited about is the BIC Soleil Shave & Trim, an ingenious razor and bikini trimmer in one. Now, this isn’t quite as powerful a device as the Schick Quattro for Women TrimStyle (read our review of that product here), but the two have different aims. The Quattro for Women TrimStyle is a dual-ended device, with one end being a traditional razor and the other being a battery-operated trimmer that women can use to give the hair in their Netherlands regions a nice snip-snip. The Bic Soleil Shave & Trim, meanwhile, is better suited for on-the-fly touch-ups.

The Bic Soleil Shave & Trim razor, then, looks like a traditional razor, featuring a translucent hot pink handle, three flexible blades, and a lubricating strip enriched with vitamin E. But what makes it different from other razors is the slide-on trimmer head, a plastic piece with comb-like teeth that you can use to basically rake the hair above your honey pot and then trim as you press the blade down over the area. Clearly, you won’t be able to really hack away at rather long strands, but you can easily do a touch up and ensure the area is perfectly groomed and that all the hedges are trimmed (so to speak). And, one of its advantages is that, unlike the Quattro TrimStyle which requires precision in order to ensure an even cut, the comb-like teeth on the trimmer head of the Bic Soleil Shave & Trim pretty much ensures a degree of symmetry. Plus, since you can slide the trimmer head off the razor, this tool does double duty, allowing you to shave your legs and underarms, then trim your bikini line.

A BIC Soleil Shave & Trim pack, available for $7.49 at most mass food and drug retailers, includes three disposable razors and a single slide-on/slide-off trimmer that you can attach to the razors as you work your way through the pack.

Because the BIC Soleil Shave & Trim is disposable and requires no batteries, it’s the perfect addition to any summer beach bag — especially if you have a weekend getaway on your agenda and you think you might need a bikini line touch-up at some point during your trip.

Get ready for some fun in the sol with these BIC goodies!

** Product samples from BIC were received for the purpose of writing this review. All thoughts shared about these products are my own.

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