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Look of the Day: What I Wore on the Fourth of July!




Hello, my loves! How was everyone’s Fourth of July weekend? If you follow me on Instagram (sickathanaverage), then you know I had a bit of an adventure with my family on that day. We wanted to avoid the long trip to Coney Island (that’s right: we’re not Brooklyn hipsters) and the crowds and mega loud salsa at Orchard Beach, and there were no cookouts being thrown by our friends, so we decided we’d avoid the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Manhattan altogether and discover what the holiday is like in one of the small historic towns along the Hudson River in New York state.  My boyfriend had done his research and settled on a town north of Poughkeepsie, but señor Giovanni, being a restless 9-year-old, was already on an “Are we there yet?” only about four or five stops into the Metro North ride. So we decided to scratch the original plan and get off at Tarrytown, which is adjacent to Sleepy Hollow, the village that inspired Washington Irving’s tale of the headless horseman.

The plan sounded good in theory but, of course, once we got off the train, we realized we had absolutely no clue where we were going. So, as if we’d flipped a coin, we settled on one of the ghastly hills in front of us and started climbing that bad boy. A sweaty ten to fifteen minutes later (yes, the hill was seemingly endless), we reached the top of the hill and then had to face yet another decision: left or right? Fortunately, I opted to go left and we eventually hit Main Street, where all the picturesque stores and restaurants are located. Unfortunately, about 85% of them were closed for the holiday, leaving us with the option to eat at one of four places: a Chinese food restaurant, a pizzeria, a trendy grill with an outdoor seating area, or a random deli. Oh, or a 7-Eleven if we’d wanted to relive adolescence with some giant Slurpees. Eventually, we decided on the pizzeria since my son is a bit of a picky eater, and I had to munch on a salad since, given all my stomach gripes (no gallbladder, lactose intolerant, IBS, beginnings of an ulcer, and so forth), my menu options are severely limited. All in all, while we enjoyed looking at the architecture — especially the magnificent churches — in Tarrytown, we clearly picked the wrong day to visit! But, hey, at least I was with my favorite folks, the sun was shining, and I had a cutesy outfit on.

Which brings us, of course, to the outfit details!

It was so hot on the Fourth of July that I immediately knew I wanted to wear white. And, right away, I thought of this strapless white dress I bought at Daffy’s last summer: an above-the-knee frock with lace-like detailing and a built-in braided brown leather belt at the waist. It’s a romantic dress, but it’s not too precious or frilly, which is why I love it (dainty doesn’t suit me). I then accessorized with a very simple pair of brown sandals I bought from Payless; a cross-body bag with a Navajo-esque blanket print along the front tab and tons of leather fringe dangling from the base of the bag, which is rimmed with gold-toned metal studs; a white Eugenia Kim straw fedora with a multi-color, watercolor-esque ribbon band; and a pair of free-spirited, cascading earrings from Peace Images.

Now, the dress is no longer available, but you can find a similar style and sass it up in your own way. The Eugenia Kim hat is also no longer available but, if you visit EugeniaKim.com, you should find some pieces that are just as fun (I personally love the Max 1 and Max 6).

Lucky for you, though, some of the accessories I wore are still up for grabs. The sandals, for instance, are on sale for only $14.99 at Payless stores and Payless.com. The exact name of the style is the Montego Bay Club Wyatt sandals. Here’s a close-up shot of them:


Also, my girl Camille over at Peace Images still has the Dharma Duster earrings, featuring acrylic spikes given a bone-like texture, in stock! They’re $42 at PeaceImagesJewelry.com. They’re extremely lightweight and measure 5″ in length for a major Boho infusion to any ensemble. Here’s a shot of the earrings:


As for the Melie Bianco bag, pictured below,  it normally retails for $82 but I purchased it at Sneakpeeq.com last year and got a nice deal on it. This particular style is no longer available, but you can shop for similar pieces at MelieBianco.com.


Well, I hope that gave you a bit of summer fashion inspiration!

What did you wear to celebrate on the Fourth of July? And how was your holiday weekend?

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