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So Fresh and So Clean — Experience the Dove Go Fresh Body Wash, Deodorant, and Beauty Bar in the New Restore Blue Fig & Orange Blossom Scent




Some women claim to perspire lightly, with only the tiniest beads of moisture gathering around their hairlines or dew-like drops glistening along their arms and legs. I, however, can fully admit to sweating profusely, in tsunami-like proportions, during the summer, when soaring temperatures and high humidity levels converge to create stifling conditions. Needless to say, given that I often find myself sweating only minutes after bathing, I tend to shower obsessively over the summer — often as many as three times as day. Seeing as the goal is to feel as fresh and clean as possible throughout the day, I’m particularly persnickety about the texture, consistency, and scent of the bath and body products I use throughout the warmest summer months. The mere idea of smoothing a pumpkin-, chocolate-, or cinnamon-scented body wash onto my skin or of applying a rich buttery body soufflé in a confection-worthy scent to my arms and legs makes me cringe. See, in the summer, I want bright, light, fruity scented soaps and body washes that make me feel energized and squeaky clean — scents like cucumber, grapefruit, guava, mango, watermelon, passionfruit, lime, pomegranate, and raspberry.

The latest fragrance addition to Dove‘s Go Fresh line, the Restore Blue Fig & Orange Blossom Scent, perfectly caters to my needs. My favorite product is, of course, the Dove Go Fresh Restore Body Wash in Blue Fig & Orange Blossom Scent ($8.99 at drugstore.com), which is formulated with the brand’s NutriumMoisture technology to hydrate and soften the skin while also strengthening its protective barrier, helping it better retain moisture.  What exactly is in a bottle of Dove Go Fresh Restore Body Wash? Well, the bottle lists numerous ingredients that, to most consumers, will read a bit like gibberish. There’s no mention of common softening, emollient, and nourishing botanical extracts like jojoba oil, olive oil, apple extract, shea extract, chamomile extract, or aloe leaf juice, making the chemical acids, lipids, and compounds listed a bit more difficult to decipher. If you read carefully, you’ll find that the formula contains lauric acid, which kills germs and bacteria and which also has moisturizing benefits, even helping to reduce redness and flakiness; stearic acid, which  is found in the lipid layers of the skin and which, when applied topically, can work to strengthen these layers and help the skin retain its moisture; and glycerin, a popular moisturizer. As for some of the trickier chemicals you’ll find listed, some might raise an eyebrow while others won’t. These more questionable ingredients include: sodium lauroyl isethionate, a sodium salt of the lauric acid ester of isethionic acid that works as a surfactant or detergent and which is classified as being non-toxic (though some argue it could strip the skin of its moisture, the data is inconclusive); cocamidopropyl betaine, a surfactant derived from coconut oil that boosts the body wash’s foaming effect but which has been found to irritate sensitive skin; and sodium laureth sulfate (not to be confused with sodium lauryl sulfate), another surfactant that is quite commonly used in shampoos and soaps and which, while deemed safe, can cause adverse reactions in some users with delicate or allergy-prone skin.

Now, speaking strictly about the experience of showering using this body wash, I have to admit it’s delightful. The Dove Go Fresh Restore Body Wash has pretty a sky blue color and a lightweight creamy texture that’s the perfect consistency (creamy without being too thick or buttery, bordering on slightly milky while being gelly and sticky enough to not slip right off your hands) . When smoothed onto damp skin, the body wash lathers nicely, creating that white sudsy film that visually makes us feel like we are, in fact, getting nice and clean. At the same time, this refreshing fragrance fills the air, a tropical scent that’s mouth-watering and tangy, feminine but juicy, ripe and robust. The orange blossom note, of course, lends the body wash a feminine floral aroma but it’s the blue fig note that’s truly irresistible. Blue fig is the fruit of the Brisbane quandong tree, a perennial woody plant indigenous to Australia that produces white flowers and one-seeded round berries reminiscent of blueberries due to their dark blue flesh. If their scent is anything like the fragrance of the Dove Go Fresh Restore Blue Fig & Orange Blossom Scent Body Wash, then these berries smell much like heady, ripe, juicy guava fruits. All I can think of when I use this body wash is the fresh guayabas my grandma had in her kitchen, the many juices, shakes, and desserts we made with the pink insides of these aromatic fruits. Right away, I’m transported to my native Puerto Rico, to a tropical setting, and my shower becomes a bit of a getaway — just the way I like it.

Once I rinse off the body wash, my skin feels nice and clean, with no gummy or filmy residue. Does it feel ultra-hydrated? Well, not necessarily. It doesn’t feel parched, itchy or uncomfortable, but there’s no denying the need to apply moisturizer. Still, it’s a great bargain-priced body wash with a unique scent that seems particularly apropos for the summer season.

This lovely scent can also be experienced via the new Dove Go Fresh Restore Beauty Bars with Blue Fig & Orange Blossom Scent ($7.97 for 4-pack at Walmart.com and $14.29 for 8-pack at drugstore.com).  I personally find bar soap to be incredibly inconvenient and about as passé as typewriters and VCRs but if you prefer your body cleanser in bath form, then this is an excellent way to experience the delicious new fragrance.

Last but not least, you can familiarize yourself with the fragrance via the Dove Go Fresh Restore Blue Fig & Orange Blossom Scent Anti-Perspirant and Deodorant ($4.79 at Drugstore.com). Like previous Dove Go Fresh deodorants, this one goes on white before melting onto the skin and becoming clear so you should wait a few minutes after applying it to your pits before getting dressed (that goes double if you’re wearing black!). The deodorant not only fights odor but it reduces underarm wetness — which, as we all know, can be a major concern in the summer. Plus the formula moisturizes the delicate skin under your arms thanks to the inclusion of sunflower seed oil, which is rich in linoleic acid and vitamin E.

In terms of the deodorant’s scent, it’s nice and pleasant without being overpowering, striking a nice and comfortable balance that keeps you feeling — you guessed it: fresh!

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