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Botkier x Pepsi “Live For Now” Hipster iPad Clutch — A Moment of Fashion Glory


In the era of social media, being “of the moment” is as integral to a brand’s success as the quality of its products or services. Brand managers speak with increasing frequency about the need to “create an experience” using social media, to move beyond static images, clichéd inspirational quotes, promotional tweets and status updates, and self-serving advertorial materials. When the virtual world moves at a breakneck speed, it’s important to make a lasting impression therein, one that will solidify your reputation as a tastemaker and keep customers yearning to follow your digital footsteps so that they themselves can feel like they’re in the know, positioning yourself as a gateway to the realm of cool. This, of course, is no easy feat — especially when there’s a constant flow of new sports events, buzz-y musicians, hit TV shows, fashion launches, and so forth.

But this is precisely what Pepsi has sought to accomplish with its Pepsi Pulse initiative, a multi-platform (web, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest) that provides information on the latest Pepsi-sponsored concerts and sports games, exclusive videos with Pepsi spokespersons (Beyoncé and Victor Cruz among them), syndicated news pertaining to the record industry, articles about exciting up-and-coming music artists, music videos and movie trailers, and fun playlists like “5 Remixes Better Than The Originals” while also, simultaneously, allowing anyone to become a part of the conversation simply by adding certain hashtags to their Tweets or Instagram photos (among them #livefornow and #pepsi). This last element is particularly key: if you visit Pepsi.com and click on the “Your Voice” tab along the left-hand navigation bar, you’ll spot a stream of photos featuring people all over the world enjoying Pepsi beverages or attending Pepsi-sponsored events. It’s that simple: upload a photo of your Pepsi can next to your flip-flops while on a beach in Playa del Carmen and you can insert yourself into a global discourse.

One of Pepsi’s latest initiatives is a collaboration with online flash sale site Gilt. The Live For Now: Pepsi Capsule Collection, features four items created by handbag brand Botkier and jewelry brand Fallon for Pepsi  — all available exclusively on Gilt.com. All of the designs relate to Pepsi, be it by integrating the brand’s signature colors (cobalt blue, crisp white and classic red) or by referencing slogans like “Live For Now.”

The standout piece in the capsule collection — at least in my eyes — is the Botkier Pepsi Hipster iPad Clutch ($139 at Gilt.com), shown above. Designed by New York-based, CFDA award-winning handbag designer Monica Botkier, this leather clutch measures 11″ in length, 8 1/2″ in height, and 1/2″ in width, making it compatible with the iPad Mini. The front surface of the bag features a printed design depicting a couple in the midst of a passionate kiss — the “lady in red” donning a saucy printed dress, her hair caressing her shoulders, and her hands pressed against the jawline of the man before her, outlined in blue, his muscular arms bulging underneath a slim-fitting T-shirt, his head tilted slightly and leaning in for the presumably spontaneous kiss. The use of red and blue against a white backdrop is, of course, a nod to the Pepsi  logo’s classic color scheme, but it’s done in a way that feels effortless. An added bit of genius: f you examine the design closely, you’ll notice a shadow superimposed over their figures, one that seems to reference a stage performer clutching a guitar. This shadow figure helps to give the scene context so that it feels like these two young lovers are at a concert and are so moved by the music that they’re drawn to one another, with this magnetic energy culminating in a passionate kiss. The words “live for now” are printed atop these figures, as if suggesting that the lovers are firmly rooted in the present, that their spontaneity has culminated in an epic lip lock.

Cobalt blue stitching and red piping adds a bit of pop to the envelope-shaped clutch, as does the blue trim of the top zipper closure. Once you unzip the bag and peer inside, you’ll find the main compartment, which is fully lined, and two card slots delineated with red leather.

By enlisting Botkier and Fallon to create these limited-edition wares (and Gilt to sell them), Pepsi is solidifying its reputation as a tastemaker in yet another realm: that of fashion. And, in the process, it’s giving us access to some pretty covetable items.

The Botkier Pepsi Hipster iPad Clutch is only available for 7 days so, if you think it’s as rockin’ as I do, live for now and scoop it up at Gilt.com


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