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Clash Into Me — butter LONDON’s Fall 2013 Colour Clash Nail Lacquer Collection



The fat lady of lore may be waiting in the wings, doing vocal runs in anticipation of the moment when she’ll finally step on stage and belt out summer’s swan song, the curtain cascading down to the floor to signal the end of the season. If you’re feeling misty-eyed about summer’s end and dread the plethora of gray shades that occupy the fall fashion forecast, here’s some good news: butter LONDON‘s new nail lacquer collection, Colour Clash, is anything but dark and dreary. The six nail lacquer colors in the Fall 2013 Colour Clash collection are a full of optimism and buoyancy — a mix of five punchy bright shades and a clean, modern, creamy white. These colors will help you maintain the excitement associated with summer well into autumn, livening up your mood on rainy, foggy, chilly, or overcast days.

The butter LONDON Colour Clash Collection consists of the following shades:

Wellies: An opaque acid green with a creamy finish

Pimms: An opaque sunflower yellow with a creamy finish

Cake Hole: A warm, honeysuckle pink that’s so bright, it borders on being fluorescent

Silly Billy: An orange bell pepper shade with a creamy finish

Giddy Kipper: An opaque, indigo-meets-violet blue with a creamy texture and a hint of silver and teal shimmer

Cotton Buds: A blue-toned white with a creamy finish that offers full coverage

Each shade retails for $15 and is available at butterLONDON.com.

And now, for the fun part: swatches!

I tested out three of the six lacquer shades: Pimms, Wellies, and Giddy Kipper. First, let’s start with the deliciously bright Pimms shade. Its name is presumably a reference to the British liquor, Pimm’s No. 1, a mixture of gin, quinine, and other herbs, which is often used in summer cocktails, mixed with lemonade, ginger ale, cucumber, mint, and other refreshing and zesty fare. The color offers excellent coverage and it’s got this warmth and radiance to it that will make you think of sunflower petals. It’s a bright saffron yellow with a creamy texture, and it simply rocks! Check it out:




Next, we have Wellies. Clearly, the nail lacquer’s name is a reference to the rubber boots women have worn in Scotland and Britain since the 1950s in order to keep their feet dry on damp days. Traditionally, these boots were a dark, almost forest green color, but this nail lacquer pumps up the volume, lightening the shade and pushing it toward the fluorescent range. It has more yellow undertones than most light green polishes on the market, making it warmer than, say, a grasshopper or cricket green. It’s best described as an opaque, electric chartreuse shade with a creamy finish. The nail lacquer reminds me of the hair color of Pizazz, the lead singer of The Misfits in the ’80s animated series Jem and the Holograms.



Last, but definitely not least, there’s my favorite shade of the three: Giddy Kipper. The color is so stunning that I could barely stomach removing it — even after I’d been rocking it for a full week. The shade is billed as an indigo blue, but it has a hint of deep violet that makes the blue color feel more interesting and mysterious, an effect that’s magnified by the subtle shimmer added to the formula. It really does make me giddy!




Stunning, right? Which shades will you be picking up?

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