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Look Of The Day — Fine Like Wine!




Don’t let this blog post’s title fool you: I don’t, in fact, think I’m fine like wine (though I do consume copious amounts of Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc and, like wine, I’m well along in the aging process!). The wine reference is quite literal in that the color of my H&M dress in these pics is the stuff of the loveliest sangrias.

I purchased the dress on a whim at H&M for about $35 last year, and I’ve gotten some great use out of it. For one thing, the dress is sleeveless, so you can wear it on days when it’s hotter than Hades. Secondly, it falls about four inches below the knee, which makes it perfectly work appropriate, and the pencil-like cut of the skirt is universally flattering. As a matter of fact, I was heading to a business meeting when these photos were taken! Third, it has an open back that drapes down nicely for an unexpected dose of sexiness. And last but not least, the dress looks killer under a lightweight jacket like the one from Darling pictured above.

I love the Asian vibe of the floral print on this Darling jacket (available at DarlingClothes.com) and the ease of the piece’s cut: how it’s structured along the shoulders and snug-fitting along the sleeves, which fall slightly below the elbows, but then its lapels drape loosely, creating an ease and fluidity. And, of course, there’s the asymmetrical hemline, which adds to the kimono-like vibe of the piece. The jacket is a classic creamy color with pops of brown, burgundy, mustard yellow, burnt orange, fern green, and sky blue. Working with this color scheme, then, I decided to add a modern and youthful energy to the ensemble via a bold pair of strappy sandals: specifically, the Kelsi Dagger Mackenna Heels, which I purchased on sale for $59 at Modnique.com. The shows have a 4 1/2″-tall, suede-covered, saffron yellow, conical heel and, along the front strap and 1″ platform, there’s a black overlay meant to create a snakeskin-like texture. For a dose of color-blocking, these yellow and black details are juxtaposed against coral orange straps that wrap around the ankle in a criss-crossing manner.

Last but not least, I put on my new Fallon Jewelry Pointed Drops Earrings ($56.25 at Shopbop.com), which mix sweet and saucy elements. Measuring 3.5″ in total length, these earrings’ posts are adorned with teardrop-shaped smoky quartz-like crystals, gold-toned spear-shaped studs, and almond-shaped enamel studs — all positioned in an arched shape around a round jet black stone so as to mimic a flower’s petals. Underneath them, however, lie bold curb link chains arranged in fixed angles, creating an outward-pointing “V” shape before descending down at the very bottom, their pointed tips dangling right below the jawline. Since the earrings made such a strong statement, I kept the rest of the jewelry simple: a stack of Amrita Singh bangles and an Amrita Singh ring, along with a Lia Sophia ring on the other hand.

Like the look?

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