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Shoe Cult by Nasty Gal — Footwear Worth Believing In!








Usually, whenever the word “cult” is uttered, we think of all the deranged yet charismatic folks who, throughout history, proclaimed themselves religious leaders or prophets, amassing a group of blindly devoted followers who grew increasingly isolated from mainstream society as they dove deeper and deeper into a secluded life with their new “families,” with the entire twisted journey ending in mass murder-suicides, FBI raids, mass fires, and shoot-outs. David Koresh and the WACO catastrophe or Jim Jones’ cyanide-laced drink cocktail, for instance, immediately come to mind. And yet there’s nothing scary or ominous about Shoe Cult, the new footwear brand created by online retailer Nasty Gal. And, while the shoe line’s name choice may seem unorthodox at first, there’s a sound rationale behind it: these designs are so edgy and enticing, that you don’t need to drink any suspicious Kool-Aid to become a believer in Shoe Cult by Nasty Gal.

The debut Shoe Cult by Nasty Gal collection includes an assortment of styles: some classic styles like combat boots and almond toe pumps made modern via interesting textural juxtapositions, unexpected colors, and punk embellishments; and others more unexpected designs that resist categorization. All the shoes retail for under $200 (in fact, most are less than $100), making them more accessible to all style savvy gals. And, needless to say, they’re available only at NastyGal.com.

For me, the standout shoe in the debut collection is the Reaction Bootie ($158 at NastyGal.com), shown at top, which features a 4.5″ stacked heel, push-button closures along the wide black ankle strap, and a black heel counter that’s juxtaposed against cobalt blue uppers. The juxtaposition of cobalt blue and black leather itself creates a timely, urban, bold look. The details, meanwhile, amp up the sex appeal: the large side cut-outs that create a naughty peek-a-boo effect, the three black leather strips woven through the cobalt blue center vertical strip and laying atop the exposed bits of flesh along the side cut-outs, and the elongated cut-outs along the sides of the toe. These babies were aptly named since they’re bound to elicit a reaction!

Other highlights include: the Hot Dot Chelsea Boot ($120 at NastyGal.com), shown fourth above, featuring pony hair uppers in white with black polka dots for a look that even Cruella DeVil couldn’t resist, a 4″ stacked heel, and a treaded sole; the Switch Bootie ($120 at NastyGal.com), pictured last above, which feature a 5″ stiletto heel, an open heel with a thin black buckled strap, and metallic silver uppers with diamond cut-outs to create a caged motif; and the Blazing Bloom Sneaker ($78 NastyGal.com), shown second above, and Army Brat Sneaker ($78 at NastyGal.com), pictured second below), both hi-top sneakers with printed canvas and black leather uppers and a hidden  2″ wedge platform.

If you love traditional, pointy-toed pumps but want something more exciting than a black or beige leather pair, check out the Ella Pump ($68 at NastyGal.com), shown third above, featuring mint faux suede uppers, a 5″ stiletto heel, and an arch cut-out; or the Siren Pump ($68 at NastyGal.com), pictured third below, a D’Orsay style heel with a tapered stiletto heel and metallic pink uppers.

Since boot season is around the corner, the debut Shoe Cult by Nasty Gal collection offers a vast array of fall-ready boot styles: from punk-flavored combat boots to ankle-high harness styles, rugged motorcycle boots, and commanding styles with tall stacked heels and chain accents.

And, if you want to toy with an androgynous look, check out one of the oxfords in the collection, which have a traditionally masculine silhouette but feature a coquettish bow accent and uppers in cheeky spotted prints — as with the Blitz Oxford in Leopard ($78 at NastyGal.com) shown  next to last above — or glossy metallic finishes.

Check out more styles below and visit NastyGal.com to peruse the entire collection!

Which of these styles makes you a Shoe Cult believer?






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