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Ruffles, bows, and pearls may lure some girls but, to paraphrase Rihanna, it’s spikes and chains that excite me. New York-based jewelry line k2o by Karen Ko specializes in tailor-made pieces for thrill-seeking fashionistas, those of us who revel in being rebels, who like the sharp edges, unrefined stones, and jagged bits more than the perfectly polished and symmetrical crystals and stones. And, if you like walking on fashion’s wild side, then this will come as welcome news: starting tomorrow, August 8th, at exactly 12:00 a.m. EST, k2o by Karen Ko will host its first-ever online sample sale, with an assortment of designs priced at up to 80% off regular retail. That means, no matter what city you’re in, no matter how busy your schedule, and no matter how dreary the weather, you can still log onto Shop.K2obyKarenKo.com and stock up on pieces with plenty of rock ‘n’ roll edge.

The pieces shown above constitute only a small sampling of what you’ll find available online. We’re totally smitten with the harnesses, which are sufficiently kinky but glam, so that they don’t wind up feeling like they came from a seedy fetish shop. Check out for, instance, the Avant Rock Spike Shoulder Harness ($144 from $360), shown fifth above, which resembles armor thanks to clusters of gold-toned conical spikes along the shoulders, resembling military epaulets, and thin golden chains draped from the sides of the rope chain necklace and over the clavicle collarbones. If you’re a fan of spiked motifs, check out the Avant Rock Spike V Necklace ($52 from$130), shown above at top, which features two draped box chain strands — one forming a “V” shape” and a secondary one beneath it, forming a “W” shape — and is adorned with large, lethal-looking gold-plated resin spikes dangling from the secondary chain.

For a look that’s equal parts sugar and spice, check out the Pop Rocks IV Earrings ($38 from $95), shown third above, which feature 2.5″-long conical spikes dangling from colorful spheres woven out of Swarovski crystals and made to resemble chunks of rock candy. You can also go for a look that’s both lady and tramp with the Sweet & Vicious III Earrings ($48 from $120), pictured seventh above, measuring 4.25″ in total length and featuring three golden chain link strands with conical spikes dangling from their ends, grouped together in a staggering way so that each strand is a slightly different length. The uptown girl touch to the downtown girl spikes and chains: the Swarovski pearl accents, the majority of the which are concentrated near the top of the earrings, below the ear hooks, so that the overall shape of the earrings seems to taper in as one’s gaze moves downward, creating an inverted triangle of sorts. Fans of punk-inspired fashions, meanwhile, will love the Avant Rock Spike Bracelet Set ($26 from $65), shown sixth above, which includes seven assorted snake chain bracelets: three with spike charms (one gold, one silver, and one gunmetal) and four without them (one gold, one silver, one gunmetal, and one black).

Other standout, statement-making pieces include the Avant Rock Cuff ($16 from $40), shown last above, inspired by Egyptian style but given an urban twist; the Thin Rose Gold Scales Cuff ($35 from $70), shown second above, which features a texture reminiscent of fish scales; and the Rock Quartz Chain Bracelet ($40 from $115), shown fourth above, which features marble-like, translucent clear quartz spheres strung together by an invisible elastic string, with tiny ball beads separating them and two slim brass chains draped from one ball bead to the next creating a fringed effect.

I already own the Avant Rock Spike Bracelet Set and the Pop Rocks IV Earrings, and I love them both, so I strongly suggest you take advantage of this amazing sample sale. Make sure to log onto Shop.k2obykarenko.com come midnight for first dibs on these goodies!

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