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FLUD x Ron English Popaganda Pantone Watch Collection






Prolific British artist Ron English has earned a massive following by  juxtaposing pop culture references and images with high art fare, creating a surreal mash-up of motifs — fast food company logos and mascots like Tony the Tiger and Ronald McDonald; vintage cereal box illustrations; famous Andy Warhol images; portraits of iconic performers like Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe; comic book characters like Charlie Brown, Captain America, Fred Flinstone, and The Hulk; cartoon characters like Spongebob Squarepants and Mickey Mouse; classic paintings like Leonardo Da Vinci’s “The Last Supper” and Sandro Boticelli’s “The Birth of Venus;” and landmarks like The Sphinx and Mount Rushmore. This month, Ron English has once again joined forces with New York-based timepiece company FLUD watches to re-release a collection of Popaganda Pantone silhouettes with dials bearing some of English’s most recognized works.

Each of the four designs in the Ron English x FLUD collection features a polycarbonate-based strap in an official Pantone color — green, black, and bright white —and features a round dial measuring 44m in diameter. One of the watches features a white strap and case and, along the face, a gray-and-black rendition of English’s “Star Skull” work, which depicts a human skull with star-shaped ocular cavities. Another watch, meanwhile, features a black strap, case, and dial and, on the face, a replica of English’s “Figment,” a painting of a skull with mussy, Warhol-like hair — all in a red, orange, and yellow camo print.

Another black watch, meanwhile, nods to English’s “Yin Yang Popaganda” work and features a close-up of a cartoonish character with a yin-and-yang design on its face, the black-and-white swirls of this symbol positioned to look as if it were its eyes. Last but not least, there’s a green watch with a stunning piece of artwork on its face that involves multiple images layered atop one another. This particular watch, my personal favorite, immortalizes Ron English’s “Frankenstein’s Pop Culture Monster” and, of course, features an image of the famed monster’s head and, atop its skull, a montage of images ranging from illustrations of Casper the Friendly Ghost and Spider-Man’s love interest Mary Jane Watson (at her most bodacious) to a depictions of Jesus Christ wearing a crown of thorns, comic book font with words like “Almost Human.”

Each watch retails for $50 at FLUDwatches.com and features the artist’s signature along the band. Not only are these funky and colorful watches, but they feature famous works of art, making them true collectibles.


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