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Tweezerman Unveils Its Special Edition Isaac Mizrahi Designer Series Collection





Close your eyes and picture a pair of tweezers. What comes to mind? Is it a pair of stainless steel pluckers that resemble surgical instruments, their austere silver color augmenting the unfriendly, clinical quality of their design? Or do you, instead, envision a pair of jaunty, colorful tweezers that practically beckon to be picked up and wielded around. If it’s the latter, then chances are you were imagining a pair of Tweezerman tweezers. After all, the industry titan has managed to accomplish a seemingly impossible feat: making practical beauty tools like nail files, compact mirrors, eyelash curlers, and eyebrow tweezers exciting. By constantly giving their products makeovers, outfitting them in new dresses (so to speak), Tweezerman keeps its brand current, the tips of its tweezers opening and closing to the beat created by pop culture’s contemporary drum.

One of Tweezerman’s most brilliant strategies has involved enlisting the help of famous fashion designers to design limited-edition versions of its marquee products — primarily its slanted tip tweezers. Past collaborators include Betsey Johnson, who opted for her signature tattoo-inspired rose print, a punk-flavored skull design, and a Warhol-esque Marilyn Monroe print; Cynthia Rowley, who created a groovy, Mod-flavored, slightly retro graphic print that incorporated stripes in varying widths juxtaposed against concentric circles; and Harajuku Lovers, the apparel, accessories, and fragrance brand built around illustrated versions of Gwen Stefani and her back-up dancers.

For its latest Designer Series, Tweezerman tapped fashion designer, TV personality, and all-around New York icon Isaac Mizrahi. Always upbeat and playful, Mizrahi chose two patterns close to his heart: one a “Candy Buttons” print featuring the designer’s beloved polka dots in lively colors worthy of a bubblegum machine; and the other a “Splatter Paint” print featuring frenetic, playful, chaotic, graffiti-like splashes of color that nod to New York City in the 1980s.

The Tweezerman Special Edition Isaac Mizrahi Designer Series, available only at Sephora, incorporates three best-selling tools: the Slant Tweezers ($25 at Sephora.com), available in both the Candy Buttons and Splatter Paint designs; the Mini Slant Tweezers ($15 at Sephora.com), also available in both patterns; and the dual-sided Filemate emory board nail file ($5 at Sephora.com), available exclusively in the Candy Buttons print. These good-humored, whimsical, colorful pieces will brighten up any vanity table or makeup bag and will make even the most routine grooming ritual feel like a blast.

Hey, life is already hard enough sometimes — why waste any opportunity to make it more fun?

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