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What I Wore On Day 1 Of New York Fashion Week SS14



Ahhh, New York Fashion Week: the 7-day period when everyone even peripherally linked to the fashion industry shares the same playground.

There are fashion writers, editors, and bloggers who, like myself, travel to Lincoln Center and the various off-site show locations (Milk Studios, Chelsea Piers, the Metropolitan Pavilion, and so forth) to take in the clothes on display, to marvel at their construction and fantasize about the inspiration behind each collection. But, in truth, those of us who appreciate the artistry of the entire experience, we are, at best, a rarity and, at worst, a dying breed.

More often than not, you’ll encounter a number of other cliché yet prevalent archetypes. There’s the stylist, editor, or blogger who wants to throw his or her weight around, taking any and every opportunity to remark on how great their front or second row seats are (usually something they do via Twitter or Instagram), snapping photos of every celebrity nearby (as if suggesting they’re on the same echelon), arriving at every show late, and harassing the frantic-looking security guards with venomous “Do you know who I am?” threats. There are the aspiring designers, models, and wannabe “it” kids who essentially weasel their way into a few shows or otherwise hang around the perimeter of the venues in which the shows are held, making sure to don the most flamboyant of ensembles and beauty looks: Smurf-colored hair, Mad Hatter-worthy toppers, statement necklaces worn over distressed sweatshirts, bright faux fur coats paired with cut-off shorts, etc. These folks live to be seen, to be photographed— and they know fully well that the best way to do that is to cobble together an outfit that screams “Look at me!” It’s gimmicky and even desperate, but it’s also effective: photographers always wind up asking for their photos. Then there are the buyers who are so pragmatic that you can practically see dollar signs dancing in their heads whenever a highly marketable look hits the runway. There’s the celebrity spotters, who scour every venue for a glimpse of even the most bottom-of-the-barrel stars: so-and-so from Real Housewives of La La Loopsy Land, that guy who had that hit song 10 years ago, the girl who dated that professional athlete for six seconds, and so on. And those are just some of the characters you’ll see.

Admittedly, it’s a fun experience initially — it feels like you’ve entered another dimension, a more fashionable version of Wonderland but with more Queen of Hearts characters and less Alices. After a while, though, it becomes taxing. The magic of the clothes, the fantasy unfurled before audiences during the runway shows themselves, those remain intact (thankfully). But let’s be clear: few people in the audience understand references to the Winter Palace, to Guy Bourdin’s photographs, to Fellini’s films or Beatriz Milhazes’ paintings. Even fewer people know how to describe the garments before their very eyes. And that, of course, is the disconcerting part of it all — well that and the artificiality of the attendees: the air kisses, the posturing before photographers, the entitled attitudes, and all the gossipy shenanigans. Call me a dreamer, but I wish I could just experience the shows and the excitement backstage without all the other mess.

As for my personal style, well, I’ve never been one for gimmicks, and that doesn’t change when Fashion Week rolls around. In other words: don’t expect me to walk around in a glow-in-the-dark jumpsuit or a Carmen Miranda-esque headpiece (unless, of course, I think one of those is completely kickass).

Today, on the first day of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week SS14, then, I went for a classic look with a modern twist. I wore a blue Muse dress with a mosaic-like print that incorporates cobalt, azure, aqua, midnight blue, white, and black tones. The dress has a lovely Mediterranean feel to it, and it hugs my figure (which I love), plus some of its features make it feel a bit more playful — mainly the cascading ruffle along one side and the triangle-shaped cut-out below the neckline. I bought the dress for $59 at MyHabit.com, so it was a nice get.

To complement the blues in the ensemble, I chose a pair of clip-on earrings from Dannijo that resemble laurel branches, with two rows of blue-toned Swarovski crystals in leaf-like shapes essentially climbing the earlobe thanks to the curved shape of the earrings themselves. You can get a feel for the earrings in the picture below:


Since I’m a sucker for jewelry, I also added a couple of rings: one from Virgins Saints & Angels and another from Kendra Scott (shown below). I also wore a silver-toned cuff bracelet from BCBGMAXAZRIA featuring multiple chain link strands covering the open cuff itself and then dangling along either side of the cuff to create a fringed effect.


But the “Pow!” in this outfit came from the shoes. These are the BCBMGMAXAZRIA Freeda high heel sandals, and they are the type of shoes that make any woman feel like a man eater. They have a 4″ heel and a black embossed snakeskin print with silver metallic details that make the shoes shimmer a bit when the light hits them. And then there’s that amazing shape: a gladiator-inspired, almost armor-like silhouette with a bondage-y twist. They normally retail for $295, but I got them on sale right before my birthday in May, and they were worth every last cent.


What do you think of the look?

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