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Cosmic Love — Kendra Scott Winter 2013 Aurora Jewelry Collection










As soon as I saw the name of the latest Kendra Scott jewelry collection, Florence + The Machine’s “Cosmic Love” popped in my head, followed by a medley of tenuously  galaxy-themed tunes: Elton John’s “Rocket Man,” David Bowie’s “Space Oddity,” Radiohead’s “Black Star” and so forth.  The soundtrack proved fitting for a collection that subtly explores cosmic themes through an abundance of iridescent materials and twinkling drusy — some of the stones even left unrefined so they look like tiny meteorites. The collection’s color palette, meanwhile, also speaks to galactic phenomena: opaque black to recall a dark evening sky; kelly green, burning red, and iridescent lilac to recall some of the most breathtaking shades seen in Northern Lights displays; gunmetal and gold to reference stars, meteors, and planetary surfaces; and clear stones that add prioritize luminosity.

The Kendra Scott Aurora Winter 2013 collection, then, is an exploration of cosmic themes but it’s a nod to natural phenomena rather than a futuristic, science fiction revelry. There are no tinges of the cold, steely, futuristic universes depicted in sci-fi classics like Blade Runner and Tron. Instead, this collection retains Kendra Scott’s distinctive aesthetic while adding just a sprinkle of unexpected materials and design touches.

Let’s start with the  Kendra Scott Dayton Earrings in Black Galaxy ($95 at KendraScott.com), pictured above at top, which rely on the shape of Kendra Scott’s best-selling Elle earrings as a foundation but incorporate black opaque glass and a prong-set gunmetal-toned drusy stone in a shield shape along the top for added twinkle. The addition of this secondary drusy stone, then, is enough to transform the feel of these earrings.

The Kendra Scott Denise Statement Necklace ($250 at KendraScott.com), pictured second above, is one of the more substantial pieces in the collection, with pyramid-shaped studs that radiate outward like clusters of stars. Measuring 17.5″ in length and 10.9″ in width, the bib necklace is made of 14k gold-plated brass.

Next, there’s the Kendra Scott Jesse Statement Earrings ($65 at KendraScott.com), pictured third above in Bright Red, which boast an elongated almond shape with faceted stones along their center. Like so many popular Kendra Scott earring styles — the Elle and Danielle among them — these pieces aren’t obfuscated by excessive embellishments but, instead, they allow the gorgeous glass stones at their center to reign supreme. The earrings measure 2.25″ in length and 0.75″ in width and feature 14k gold-plated brass settings.

Popular styles like the Danielle earrings make an appearance in this collection, too, but feature new stones that adhere to the space theme. The best example: the stunning Kendra Scott Danielle Earrings in Iridescent Agate ($75 at KendraScott.com), pictured sixth above, which feature iridescent agate stones at their center that change colors depending on the angle from which they’re admired, moving from violet to a soft magenta to an eerie green.

Since iridescence is so key in this collection, many pieces include drusy elements. Take, for instance, the Kendra Scott Sydney Statement Earrings in Iridescent Drusy ($125 at KendraScott.com), pictured fifth above. These snake-inspired, 14k gold-plated brass earrings feature an undulating shape, with wide curving sides, and an irregular, asymmetrical, pentagon-shaped iridescent drusy in a light pink hue at the ear post.  That coveted drusy sparkle also makes an appearance in the Kendra Scott Jody Stackable Ring in Iridescent Aura ($85 at KendraScott.com), shown next to last above, a trio of rings with prong-set stones at their center: one iridescent agate, one iridescent drusy, and another gunmetal drusy.

Reflective elements and prismatic stones abound in the collection, as with the Kendra Scott Ricky Cocktail Ring in Iridescent Agate ($75 at KendraScott.com), shown seventh above, which features an iridescent agate stone faceted so as to maximize its iridescence, reflecting a spectrum of colors as the light hits its surface, and the Kendra Scott Gabby Earrings in Black Galaxy ($85 at KendraScott.com), pictured eighth above, which feature black opaque glass at their center and a diamond-shaped iridescent stone clustered in between swirls of gold metal adorning the upper tip of the earrings.

Other pieces include the Kendra Scott Ginger Statement Necklace ($195 at KendraScott.com), shown fourth above in Pyrite, a dramatic necklace with a string of oversize, oval-shaped stones. Measuring 2.25″ in length an 1.19″ in width at its largest point, this statement necklace is available in Emerald Green, Bright Red, Black, and Pyrite but looks most bewitching in the latter since the golden tones surface in a hazy manner over the darkened, hazy blackened backdrop. Another interesting piece is the Kendra Scott Piper Bangle Bracelet in Bright Red ($75 at KendraScott.com), shown last above, which incorporates two pentagon-shaped opaque glass stones along the tips of a 14 gold-plated brass filigree bracelet.

This is only a sampling of the pieces in the collection, currently available at KendraScott.com, so make sure to log on and browse through the entire array of dangling earrings, cocktail rings, stud earrings, bib necklaces, dainty chains with pendants, and stackable rings.

I’m beyond smitten with the Dayton Earrings in Black Galaxy, the Denise Statement Necklace, the Danielle Earrings in Iridescent Agate, and the Gabby Earrings in Black Galaxy. Which pieces do you find out of this world?


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