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Fright Right — Get in the Halloween Spirit with these Creepily Cool Fashion and Decor Finds!

I’ve never been a huge fan of Halloween — first, there’s the fact that I’m a scaredy cat (for me, watching a horror movie is akin to water torture); second, I always dread the slew of pranks that occur on Halloween evening (lawns being covered with toilet paper, cars and houses coated with smashed eggs, the firecrackers shoved into people’s mailboxes and so forth); and I really take issue with the number of absolutely scandalous costumes worn by tween and teen girls (the sexy kitty and sexy bunny ensembles have gotten out of control and now, of course, there’s the Miley- Cyrus- at-the-VMAs costumes that are soaring in popularity this year).

Nevertheless, I know some of you really love all things creepy, spooky, and supernatural, so I’ve rounded up some pretty funky finds to help you celebrate Halloween — whether you’re hosting a dinner party, trick-or-treating with your kids, attending a party, or staying home for a horror film marathon. Let the scary antics begin!


Day of the Dead Teapot, $32. Available at FredFlare.com

Measuring 5.5″ in height and 7.5″ in width and featuring a removable top lid, this sculpted porcelain teapot nods to the sugar skull designs seen during Mexican Día de los Muertos celebrations, which are meant to represent departed souls and to honor ancestors.


Facet Stone Bug Studs, $15. Available at US.Topshop.com

What would Halloween be without some creepy crawlers? These faceted scarab-shaped stud earrings , measuring 2.5 cm in length, will have goth style lovers buggin’ out!


Horror skull cap, $9.95. Available at H&M stores and HM.com

Beanie hats and skully hats have become synonymous with skateboard chic, hip-hop fly, urban cool style. Girls can maintain their fashion reputation intact while also proclaiming their love of eerie ghost movies, campy slasher flicks, and all things gory with the red-and-yellow lettering along the front of the hat.


Patricia Field “Rock On” Work Gloves, $14. Available PatriciaField.com

Sure, we’ve seen gloves with skeletal appliqués before, but these have one peculiar twist: they depict the index and pinky fingers as being fully extended and the two middle fingers folded down at the knuckles so that a horn formation is created via the trompe l’oeil effect for a true rocker twist.


Web Stemless WineGlasses, $8.49 for set of 4. Available at Target.com

These stemless plastic wine glasses, available in a set of four, feature intricate metallic spiderweb designs and glittery arachnids tangled therein.


Critter on the Dance Floor Bag, $69.95. Available at Modcloth.com

It’s considered bad luck to have a black cat cross your path — except, of course, when the feline in question is merely a stylish purse. This 100% polyurethane bag — measuring 6.5″ in height, 10.5″ in length, and 1″ in width — is molded to resemble a black cat, with gold-toned studs lining its perimeter and a removable shoulder strap allowing for you to carry it as a clutch or wear it hands-free.





Jumbo Jibbles Unicorn Beanie Hat, $28. Available at Fab.com

Do you enjoy the pretend play element of Halloween but not all the blood and gore? Then you’ll appreciate this bright pink beanie, which features a grooved conical horn and two pointy ears that pay homage to every little girl’s favorite mythical creature: the unicorn.



Alexander McQueen Pearl Crown Stone Ring, $230. Available at AlexanderMcQueen.com

With a vintage-looking silver finish that adds to the design’s sinister feel, this brass ring features a sculpted skull with hollowed-out eye sockets and a pearl nestled inside its crown for a luxurious twist.


Glad to the Bone Leggings, $39.99. Available at Modcloth.com

You’ll be a real-deal “bag of bones” when you wear these anatomy-inspired leggings, which depict an X-Ray image of the lower body: from the pelvic bones to the femur, tibia, and patella.


Mighty Fine “Baking Bug” T-shirt, $25. Available at WeLoveFine.com

Fans of AMC’s Breaking Bad will appreciate this whimsical tee design, featuring measuring cups in lieu of periodical table squares boxing the first two letters of the “Baking Bug” phrase and depicting an adorable critter holding a steaming pan and boasting “I am the one who cooks” — presumably with the same authority and pomp with which Walter White would have asserted this truism.


MKL Accessories The Skeletal Passion Handlet, $24. Available at Karmaloop.com

This ghastly but glamorous hand chain will remind everyone of the metacarpals and phalanges hidden underneath your sun-kissed skin. The best part: there are elastic bands underneath each finger piece for full articulation.


Skeleton Veil Tea Hat Headband, $12.50. Available at HotTopic.com

It may look like an ordinary steam punk-inspired, headband-and-fascinator hybrid from afar, but look closer and you’ll see a corpse’s hand creeping up along the sides of that mini top hat. Definitely not what you’d expect the Duchess of Cambridge to wear to one of her British society events!


MOJO Backpacks Glow in the Dark Zombies Backpack, $48. Available at MOJObackpacks.com

Do you wait eagerly for every new season of The Walking Dead? Then go for the type of apocalyptic look that would make Rick and Daryl rally. Not only does this polyester twill backpack feature a bone-chilling image of the undead, but it glows in the dark for an added spook factor.


Pier 1 “Boo” Halloween Pillow, $19.95. Available at Pier1.com

These decorative pillows might not startle your Halloween party guests, but they’ll definitely get the theme across! Each polyester pillow measures 12″ by 12″ and has the word “Boo” emblazoned along the front, as well as a tiny spider dangling from the bottom of the second “O.”


Be&D Skull Lace Sneakers. Available at BeandD.com


Zombie Decanter, $24. Available at UrbanOutfitters.com

No, you didn’t have too much to drink. The decanted holding that precious liquor does, in fact, look like that of a deformed flesh-eating Zombie!


target-skull-appetizer-platesTarget Set of 4 Skull Appetizer Plates, $12.74. Available at Target.com

 As long as you assure your guests that the hors d’oeuvres you’re serving aren’t, in fact, poisonous, they’ll get a kick out of using these square appetizer plates featuring skull-and-crossbones motifs with words like “R.I.P” and “Beware” seemingly etched on the illustrated plaques directly beneath them.


Mighty Fine Jack Happy Face Fit & Flare Tulle Dress, $34. Available at WeLoveFine.com

If you love Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time and, more importantly, how Jake can shrink and grow depending on his wishes, then you’ll get a kick out of this short-sleeved dress, which features Jake’s features along the yellow upper half and a black tulle skirt along the bottom for a dose of girlish sass.


Halloween Cupcake Decorating Kit, $9.99. Available at Williams-Sonoma.com



Topshop Glow in the Dark Stud Earrings, $10. Available at US.Topshop.com

They may look like typical silver-toned skulls in the light of day but, in the dark of night, these glow in a fluorescent green shade.

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