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Not-to-Miss Jewelry Trend: Stackable Midi Rings!




If you follow me on Instagram, then you know I have a weakness for rings of all kinds — two-finger numbers with chains, studs, enamel fillings, and elaborate etchings; elongated knuckle rings that entire from the base of the finger to well past the knuckle; statement rings shaped like lion’s heads or undulating snakes, oval or square styles with stones at their centers or boasting bulbous shapes and faceted surfaces; and open-top numbers that seem to float in between your knuckles. Lately, I’ve been weak in the knees over midi rings: small, often stackable rings that are meant to be worn atop the knuckle, along the forefinger. In the photos above, you’ll find two candid shots I snapped with my camera phone and posted on Instagram. Fun, right?

Well, gals, the cool thing about midi rings (typically available in a size 3 or 4) is that you can wear them alongside traditional rings positioned right below the knuckle and, when you do so, every single part of your finger gets to be decked out!

Below, you’ll find some of my favorite midi ring styles so that, you too, can play with this jewelry trend.


Topshop Zig Zag Midi Ring, $9. Available at US.Topshop.com

Made of 100% metal, this gold-toned midi ring features a zig zag design that feels dynamic and kinetic. I’m wearing it in the photo at top, so check out how it looks when styled!


Bing Bang NYC Tiny Circle Midi Ring, $58. Available at Shop.BingBangNYC.com

Anna Sheffield, the designer behind Bing Bang NYC, has been at the forefront of the whole midi ring movement, offering many of her delicate but somehow still tough and streetwise ring designs in a wide range of sizes so that they can be worn on the forefinger or under the knuckle. This tiny ring, which features a perfect circle measuring 1/8″ in diameter, is a prime example, as it’s available in a size 4 (for midi ring wear) or in a size 6 or 7 (for traditional wear). Choose between rose gold-plated, yellow gold-plated, or silver-plated brass.


Maria Francesca Pepe Midi and Mini Ring with Spikes, $160.32. Available at ASOS.com

Handcrafted in Italy, this avant garde set features two harmonizing 100% brass with a gold-tone finish. Each ring features open ends, allowing for an adjustable fit, and is adorned with conical spikes for a punk edge.


Gorjana Cross Over Midi Ring, $25. Available at Gorjana-Griffin.com

Pretty and petite, this Gorjana ring features a tiny cross charm on a delicate 1/32″-wide band.


Scosha Precious Link Ring, $695. Available at Shop.Scosha.com

Want a fine jewelry midi ring? New York-based jewelry brand Scosha has you covered. This gold ring features a round 8mm sapphire stone at its center and two 1mm diamond stones on either side, embedded into the band and positioned right below the open rings framing the center stone.  The ring is available in 10kt yellow gold with a blue sapphire or in 10kt rose gold with a choice of pink sapphire, white sapphire, or blue sapphire.


Nissa Jewelry Wavy Midi Rings Set Tri-Color Set of Three, $24. Available at NissaJewelry.com

Handmade in NYC using recycled metal, these 1/16″-wide bands feature a wavy design all along their perimeter and yet they fit together perfectly, like pieces of a jewelry jigsaw puzzle. If you love mixing metals in your jewelry looks, you’ll appreciate this set, which incorporates one rose gold, one gold, and one silver band.


Nasty Gal Gun It Midi Rings, $10. Available at NastyGal.com

There’s something really dark and goth-feeling about gunmetal. If you’re a fan of this blackened metallic, this midi ring set will appeal to you since it features one piece with an open triangle detail and a second with rhinestone details. When stacked together, the rings measure 0.65″ in width.
Urban Outfitters Infinity Midi Ring, $8. Available at UrbanOutfitters.com
 These days, it’s hard to look at an infinity symbol without thinking of Emily Thorn (of Revenge), but the symbol’s allure remains untouched — after all, don’t we all want to believe in a forever? This dainty midi ring features the elongated “figure eight” shape that’s come to symbolize eternity.


Rachel Rachel Roy Evil Eye Midi Ring Set, $32. Available at RachelRoy.com

Almost every culture across the globe has its own interpretation of the evil eye — symbol hung over the front door of houses, strung on chains or bracelets as wearable amulets, dangled from rearview mirrors and so forth in order to fend off negative energy and thwart the malicious efforts of the envious and resentful. Designer Rachel Roy is certainly fascinated with the evil eye mythos, often incorporating renderings of this symbol into her jewelry and apparel. This oxidized silver ring set is a prime example since it incorporates a band with pyramid-shaped studs all along its perimeter, one thin band with a round disc at the front featuring pavé set sones, and one ring with an evil eye symbol made using pavé set stones. Since these rings are meant to be stacked together, they’re sized accordingly: the midi ring is a size 2.5, the pinky ring is a size 4, and the regular ring is a size 7.


Love Is All You Need Midi Ring Set, $4.80. Available at Forever21.com

Available in a size 4, this ultra-shiny set features four midi rings that together spell out the word L-O-V-E. Each band measures 0.25″ in width and 0.5″ in diameter.


Luv AJ Turquoise Hexagon Knuckle Ring, $33. Available at MaxandChloe.com

Looking for a midi ring in an unconventional shape? Then check out this hexagon-shaped piece from Luv AJ, available in a number of metallic tones like this turquoise-plated style.



Laruicci Arctic Wolf Claw Ring, $88. Available at Laruicci.myshopify.com

Go for an animalistic air with this claw-shaped midi ring, available in 18k gold-plated metal, silver-plated metal, or gunmetal-plated metal. Featuring an open center and slanted, sloping sides that stretch up toward the pointy tip of the ring, this audacious ring features an adjustable band so that you can place it anywhere between your knuckle and the tip of your fingernail.


Scosha Halo  Ring, $265. Available at Shop.Scosha.com

Though not specifically designed for use exclusively as a midi ring, this 10kt yellow gold ring is available in sizes 1-13 so that customers can choose a size depending on which finger they want to wear it on and, moreover, which part of said finger. The ring features an open circle measuring 10mm in diameter with 2 stones measuring 1mm in diameter along either side of the circle, exactly where the shape meets the band.



Me & Zena Freak Midi Ring, $23.63. Available at ASOS.com

Those called “freaks” in elementary school and high school tend to be the most interesting people — and to accomplish the greatest feats. Celebrate being unique and off-kilter with this gold-plated midi ring, featuring the word “Freak” etched along the heart shape pendant for a look reminiscent of Sweethearts candies.


Topshop Midi Silver Stone Ring, $12. Available at US.Topshop.com

Covered in shiny, gunmetal-toned stones, these blackened metal midi rings feature an understated V-shape along the front.



Rachel Rachel Roy Midi Stack Ring, $38. Available at RachelRoy.com

Think you’ll have a hard time determining what rings to stack with your new midi rings? Designer Rachel Roy eliminated the guesswork with this faux stack ring set, which features a size 7 ring with purple-toned crystal stones, meant to fall at the base of the finger, and a pavé-set band in a size 2.5, meant to be worn atop the knuckle, attached by a slim gold-toned chain.


Bing Bang NYC Tiny Triangle Ring, $58. Available at Shop.BingBangNYC.com

If the Bing Bang Tiny Circle Ring shown above had you swooning, then consider broadening your geometric-themed jewelry look by including this midi ring. Available in yellow gold-plated, rose gold-plated, or silver-plated brass, this ring features a tiny triangle measuring 1/8″.

miami-midi-signet-ring-boticcaLee Renee Miami Signet Midi Ring, $76.50. Available at Boticca.com

Featuring a round carnelian stone on one end and a conical arrow tip on the other, this piece is meant to give the traditional signet ring design an Art Deco twist.


Gorjana Stella Midi Ring, $30. Available at RevolveClothing.com

This simple midi ring features slightly unexpected details like undulating edges along the top and bottom rims and a hollow center along the front that makes the ring look as if it were a tiny mouth opening up ever so slightly. It’s all so “Feed me, Seymour!”


Catbird NYC Tiny Chain Ring, $68. Available at CatbirdNYC.com

Though we typically think of ball bead chains as being rather inelegant, this ring is enough to make us reconsider. Available in sizes 3 through 9, this ring features tiny 14k gold balls that will encircle your finger ever so delicately. You can opt for a size 3 or 4 and wear as a midi ring, choose two and stack them together, or even opt for several sizes so that you can wear them along different areas of your fingers.


SunharA Malibu White Stone Midi Ring, $38.Available at Threadsence.com

Available in a size 3, this silver-toned midi ring is heftier than most, making it a surefire attention grabber. The ring features a shield-like shape along the front of the wide band and an almond-shaped white stone placed vertically along the front surface and adorned with a woven, rope-like border.


Adia Kibur Stackable Midi Ring Set, $30. Available at Shopbop.com

Midi rings are pack animals in that they tend to work only when used in conjunction with other midi rings. That’s what makes sets like this so genius since they incorporate unique designs that still harmonize together. This particular set incorporates a slim, clear rhinestone-encrusted band, a twisted band with a rope-like texture, and a third band with a chain-like motif.


Nissa Jewelry Cigar Band Midi Ring Tri-Color Set of Three, $23. Available at NissaJewelry.com

Modeled after the often metallic paper bands rounding the thick perimeter of Cuban cigarros, cigar bands are classic and timeless. Made in NYC using recycled metal, these three bands measuring 3/8″ in width and come in a set of three. Though shown in the three available shades (rose gold, gold, and silver), you don’t necessarily need to pick these three color — nor do you have to make all three rings in the set the same size. Nissa Jewelry offers you the option to choose the size and color of each of the three cigar bands, allowing you to customize your look. I’m wearing these in the second Instagram photo posted above so take a look for inspiration!


Topshop Cut Out Detail Midi Band Ring, $10. Available at US.Topshop.com

If you love the look of cigar bands, you might appreciate this Baroque-flavored take on the design. This wide midi ring, then, features cut-out shapes that reveal a floral pattern and studded edges for a bold, vintage-looking feel.



Born to Be Wild Midi Ring, $12. Available at Threadsence.com

If you enjoy finding the beauty in the eerie or dangerous, then you might appreciate this silver-toned ring, which features an eagle talon design, the pointed claws meant to look like they’re digging into the skin along the top of your finger.

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