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Team Spirit — Go for a Fashion Win in these 15 Varsity Jackets

So what if you never made your school’s JV volleyball, track, basketball, or lacrosse teams? And don’t you go shedding any tears because you never got to wear some lame jock’s letterman jacket and strut around the school announcing you were his sweetheart. This season, you can infuse an athletic flair into your wardrobe with a cool varsity jacket — even if, like me, your idea of playing a sport involves bargain shopping and speed reading (Hey, don’t scoff! These activities require concentration, agility, and speed, and you can break a sweat doing the former).

This season’s fascination with athletic trappings involves reinventing everything from baseball caps and skater beanie hats to track pants, sweatshirts, and varsity jackets. To that end, then, you’ll find luxurious varsity jackets with urban camo prints, embroidered sleeves, color-blocked details, denim panels, pebbled leather and wool details, off-center closures, spike and stud accents, and much more.

Below, you’ll find 15 varsity jackets that will allow you to score a fashion goal. Prices range from $18 to $2000, so there’s a jacket for everyone. And, of course, there are no tryouts, grueling practice sessions, or big games necessary to score one of these bad boys!




Gryphon Varsity Jacket, $762. Available at Farfetch.com

An edgy and sophisticated, downtown cool twist on the collegiate varsity jacket, this Gryphon bomber incorporates an olive, yellow, and blue wool blend camouflage pattern all along the bodice, black leather sleeves,  and an off-center front snap closure.


Stussy Crown Varsity Jacket, $107. Available at Stussy.com

It may look like standard fare along the front, but this Stussy jacket features an embroidered tribal design along the back that makes the piece feel modern and cool.


Forever 21 Spiked Varsity Jacket, $37.80. Available at Forever21.com

This varsity jacket is bad to the bone! Silver-toned, conical spikes jut upward along the shoulders and surround the sleeve openings, right abopve where the black knit fabric meets the white faux leather sleeves.


Opening Ceremony OC Varsity Jacket, $365. Available at OpeningCeremony.us

This leather-and-wool opening ceremony features the letters “OC” embroidered on the top left side — a cool nod to the logo-centric aesthetic of the 1990s.


Smythe Varsity Bomber Jacket, $595. Available at ShopZoeOnline.com

Like a traditional varsity jacket, this piece includes a ribbed jersey collar and cuffs, front snap button closure, and ribbed hemline, but it eschews all the gauche embroideries and striped accents in favor of a cleaner, more polished look. The shell is made of a grey wool blend, while the sleeves are crafted of black faux leather.


Delia’s Varsity Patch Jacket, $17.90. Available at Delias.com

Give yourself your own player number with this Delia’s jacket, featuring the number “20” embroidered in turquoise on the upper left area of the shell. The lightweight cotton-poly blend piece features a white shell with black side pockets, black sleeves, and a striped ribbed collar and sleeves in a striped turquoise, white, and black pattern.


Skingraft Python Cut Varsity Jacket, $1015. Available at Farfetch.com

For a trompe l’oeil effect, this piece features white leather sleeves with a black python-cut overlay that creates an interesting sense of texture.


Topshop Jersey Textured Bomber Jacket, $100. Available at US.topshop.com

You’ll want to play ball (metaphorically, anyway) with this Topshop piece, which features a red jersey material reminiscent of lounge-ready sweatshirts that has been quilted in a diamond pattern for more of a visual “pow!”


Victoria’s Secret VS Pink Varsity Jacket, $128. Available at VictoriasSecret.com

Victoria’s Secret PINK doesn’t miss an opportunity to champion its brand, and this jacket is no different, featuring the brand logo emblazones along the left sleeve. The shell, meanwhile, features a black lace overlay for a feminine flair.j-crew-varsity-jacket

J. Crew Leather-Sleeved Denim Varsity Jacket, $300. Available at Net-a-porter.com

The denim shell of this varsity jacket lends the piece a laid-back, all American feel, but the bone-colored leather sleeves feel supple and buttery soft, adding a luxurious twist.


Delia’s Wool Varsity Bomber, $59.90. Available at Store.Delias.com

This poly-wool varsity jacket’s main allure: its removable heather gray hood, which features navy blue drawstrings for a snug fit.


3.1 Phillip Lim Embroidered Varsity Jacket, $1967.14. Available at FarFetch.com

Fly high with this elegant rose pink jacket, which features an unexpected V-shaped neckline, a front zipper reminiscent of track jackets, and embroidered wing designs along the sleeves for a style statement of Olympian proportions.


American Eagle Quilted Varsity Jacket, $49.99. Available at AE.com

A tribal-flavored white print with diamond shapes covers the rayon sleeves of this American Eagle jacket, but what’s most interesting  about the design is the bodice. Tiny triangular and circular white dots are sprinkled all over the bodice, and the consistent placement of white cross shapes along this area creates the illusion of the material being quilted.


Lulu & Co. Wool Blend Varsity Jacket, $540. Available at Net-a-Porter.com

Inspired by the traditional 1950s letterman jacket, this piece captures that retro feel in a cheeky way. The back features a “Cosmic Crew” motif with embroidered, gothic lettering and a rendition of Saturn that feels in keeping with the 1950s notion of space design.


Topshop Moto Varsity Jacket, $90. Available at US.Topshop.com

This Topshop piece has a similar design to that of the J. Crew bomber shown above, but it places a greater emphasis on sporty details like striped patterns along the knit cuffs, collar, and hemline.

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