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Kitty Kitty Bang Bang — New Hello Kitty x Onch Movement Jewelry Collection








Hello Kitty is hardly a fashion neophyte — over the years, she’s been pictured on countless graphic tees and pajama sets; her trademark bow placed on the temple of oversize plastic sunglasses or transformed into a pillowy, oversize number and placed atop headbands; her countenance adorning Forever 21 dresses, sweaters, backpacks, makeup bags, and skull caps, along with Vans and Keds slip-on shoes, canvas kicks, and sneaker boots for children and adults alike. She has also, of course, clawed her way into the jewelry arena, with Kimora Lee Simmons releasing a plethora of crystal-encrusted necklaces and studs (most insanely gaudy but still); Swarovski shaping and faceting a clear crystal to resemble the fashionable feline’s head; Charmed Memories envisioning childlike and nostalgic charms made with sterling silver, enamel, and Swarovski Elements; and Nooka giving her a futuristic and urban twist by incorporating her into one of their digital watches. On the jewelry front, few Hello Kitty-centric collections have been as fun as the first collaboration between Onch Movement and Sanrio, released last November and sold at Forever 21 stores. The collection included such pieces as a necklace with a pendant that resembled a pretzel but had a bow along one of its top edges as a cheeky nod to Hello Kitty’s accessory of choice; a charm bracelet with candy-colored Hello Kitty figurine charms; and a chunky necklace with a splatter paint Hello Kitty head as a pendant.

This year, Onch Movement and Sanrio have collaborated once again to create another limited-edition jewelry collection but, this time, the pieces are a bit flossier, rife with couture references and urban, hip hop-influenced bravado yet still delightfully kitschy and playful. The 7-piece collection is currently available at Sanrio.com — just in time for the holiday shopping season.

Some of the more predictable — but still undeniably adorable — designs include the Onch Movement x Hello Kitty Candy Chrome Bow Necklace ($66 at Sanrio.com),  shown at top, which features an 18″-long matte black chain with a 2″-wide chrome bow pendant in a gorgeous  metallic red.  Similarly, the collection incorporates the Onch Movement x Hello Kitty Candy Chrome Bow Earrings ($54 at Sanrio.com), shown fourth above, which includes the same metallic red bows seen on the aforementioned necklace but, this time, in stud earring form. Each of the stud earrings measure 0.4″ in height and 0.55″ in width, so that they’re perfectly dainty and cheeky.

Building upon the same theme as these two prior pieces, there’s the Onch Movement x Hello Kitty Spiky Necklace ($95 at Sanrio.com), shown next to last above, which also includes red bow — but this time it appears on a pendant fashioned as a silhouette of Hello Kitty’s face. For a bit of a punk-inspired edge, the surface of the Hello Kitty pendant has all-over diamond-shaped studs that yield an interesting texture.  The necklace’s pendant measures 1.7″ in height and 2″ in width, and it dangles from a hefty 14″-long chrome chain with a gunmetal finish.

My favorite pieces in the collection, however, are those that nod to the Versace lion head necklaces seen on celebrities like Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, and Kim Kardashian.  The standout piece in the collection, then, is the Onch Movement x Hello Kitty Gold Plated Medallion Necklace ($105 at Sanrio.com), pictured third above. This 14k gold-plated number features a chunky 16″-long curb chain and an etched 14k gold-plated medallion measuring 2″ in height, 2″ in width, and 0.5″ in depth. Look closely at the pendant in the center and you’ll notice the lion mane that surrounds the traditional Hello Kitty face (and the fact that despite now having a mane, she still has her trademark bow tilted in front of her left ear).

This same motif is revisited in the Onch Movement x Hello Kitty Gold Plated Medallion Earrings ($66 at Sanrio.com), a pair of sculptural stud earrings, each measuring 0.5″ in height and 0.6″ in width, and in the Onch Movement x Hello Kitty Gold Plated Medallion Bracelet ($69 at Sanrio.com) which, like the necklace, features a curb chain and a Hello Kitty lion centerpiece medallion.

Last, there’s a pair of stud earrings that depicts both Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel. The deliberately mismatched Onch Movement x Hello Kitty Dear Daniel Earrings ($56 at Sanrio.com), shown second above, includes a glittery pink Hello Kitty stud earring measuring 0.5″ in height and 0.6″ in width paired with a glittery blue Dear Daniel stud earring.
Which piece do you consider to be the cat’s meow?



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