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Love Quirky Stud Earrings? Check Out These Playful VINCA Designs!




Several months ago, I realized I did not own a single pair of stud earrings — a discovery that both baffled and amused me. See, I’ve always been drawn to chunky statement earrings — be they glamorous chandelier earrings, fringe designs with plenty of chains and studs, oversize braided leather hoop earrings, gold-toned drop earrings,  or other pop star-worthy fare. But, since I’m also drawn to chunky collars and lavish draped necklaces, I realized I needed a bit more balance in my life and so I finally invested in a couple of dainty earrings that still had the edge I so covet. And, since I rarely ever go without earrings (even when lounging in the house or getting ready for bed), I’ve discovered the advantages of smaller designs, of cute studs that won’t weigh down your earlobes but will still add a bit of sass to any ensemble.

I was intrigued, then, when I stumbled upon VINCA, a jewelry line that specializes in acrylic and wood baubles ranging from sweet-as-honey to naughty and slightly sinful. Headed by Austin, Texas-based designer Amanda Dinova, the 8-year-old brand offers quirky handmade designs ranging from charm necklaces to coquettish bracelets, cheeky rings, and fun-loving stud earrings.

Given my newfound love for stud earrings — which prove extremely convenient come winter, when all those scarves and hats can make larger earrings get tangled in fancy knit — I gravitated to some of VINCA’s most innovative designs. Like any Sons of Anarchy fanatic, my eyes widened when I saw the Cruiser Bike earrings, shown last above, highly detailed pieces available in either etched wood or silver acrylic. These funky earrings retail for only $16 at Vincausa.com, making it easy for customers of all walks of life to ride into the sunset with them.

Those who prefer cheekier, sweeter, more cutesy designs will love VINCA’s Acrylic Bon Bon earrings, shaped after wrapped bits of candy and made out of hand-cut acrylic. Available for $16 each at Vincausa.com, these earrings come in silver, gold, or a mirrored pink hue, adding a dose of shine to your lobes that will remind you of the metallic foils in which candies like Werther’s Original caramels and Colombiana fruit bon-bons were packaged.

But my favorite stud earrings by far were the VINCA King Louis Chair earrings (currently on sale for $13 each at Vincausa.com). Made of  black or clear acrylic, these stud earrings pay homage to the grandiose aesthetic of King Louis XVI, the 18th century French monarch who, along with his wife Marie Antoinette, came to embody regal excess, renovating the Palace of Versailles until it became the very picture of opulence. In keeping with this theme, then, these earrings depict lavish quilted chairs with a mirrored finish worthy of the Hall of Mirrors.

These, of course, are just some of the design options available — other quirky earring designs touch upon themes ranging from dinosaurs to sparrows, bunnies, squirrels, stars, mustaches, teeth, Scottish terrier pups, hedgehogs, fried eggs, diamonds, crabs, anchors, astronauts, and much more.

Made with surgical steel posts, these earrings make great gifts for friends, co-workers and family members of all ages. Even little girls can rock some bon-bon earrings and look adorable yet entirely age appropriate! To check out the full collection, visit VincaUSA.com

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