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Softsoap Reveals Its Limited Edition Holiday 2013 Body Wash Scents



Last year, Softsoap aimed to bring a winter wonderland feel into your bathroom with a limited-edition collection of hand soaps with charming holiday-inspired scents: Spiced Berry Bliss, Enchanted Sugar Plum and Wintermint Wonderland. This holiday season, Softsoap moved beyond the bathroom sink and into the coveted shower area with two limited-edition body wash scents: Wintermint Snowfall and Sparkling Berry Bubbly ($3.48 each at Walmart stores).

Both limited-edition Softsoap body washes seem to have been inspired by two of the three liquid hand soap scents revealed last year. The Softsoap Wintermint Snowfall Body Wash, for instance, is incredibly reminiscent of the Wintermint Wonderland hand soap’s scent — after all, they both have the same central note — but the body wash’s fragrance is slightly sweeter than that of its liquid hand soap predecessor. In fact, every time I shower with it, images of candy canes dance in my head. The body wash’s pearly white color and its festive packaging — replete with snow flurries, a snow angel, and round white mints with the traditional red stripes rimming their perimeter — make the entire sensory experience a cohesive one, bringing together visual, textural and aromatic elements. This is by far my favorite scent of the two since it reminds me of the comforts and joys of the season.

The Softsoap Sparkling Berry Bubbly Body Wash, meanwhile, constitutes more of a deviation from its Spiced Berry Bliss liquid hand soap predecessor. The liquid hand soap’s smell was reminiscent of the spice gum drops traditionally used to decorate gingerbread houses. The Sparkling Berry Bubbly fragrance, meanwhile, has a decidedly fruitier aroma but, surprisingly, it’s not the fragrance you’d expect from looking at the bottle’s label, which showcases cranberries and raspberries splashing inside a glass of champagne. Despite the image showcased, the body wash has a strong pomegranate aroma, with hints of mango that add a bit of a tropical feel. It’s a juicy, ripe, mouth-watering aroma, but it’s not necessarily a holiday-specific scent and, if you were expecting a champagne aroma, then you might be a bit disappointed. Truth be told, if you swap out the label, this very same body wash could very well be sold as a summer scent. But that’s not to discount its deliciousness but, rather, to merely point out that it’s not necessarily an aroma you’d typically associate with the holidays (unless, of course, pomegranate-based cocktails and entrées are customary in your family around this time of year).

As for their skin nourishing properties, while they don’t contain a load of hydrating botanicals, both body washes do contain shea butter, leaving skin feeling nice and soft once you emerge from the shower and carefully towel off. Added plus: though the body washes have a robust scent while you’re in the shower, the fragrance won’t linger on your skin for too long so that they won’t interfere with any scented oils, lotions, or perfumes you apply as part of your daily routine. They’re designed to make your showering experience a bit more indulgent and, in that regard, they certainly succeed!

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