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Daughters of Anarchy– Going Biker Chic with the Marti x Dani Stahl for Calypso St. Barth Moto Jacket Capsule Collection





Forget varsity, bomber and denim jackets — if there’s one type of jacket hanging in nearly every fashion-savvy New Yorker’s closet, it’s a black leather motorcycle jacket. When worn over a flirty dress or paired with a pleated skirt, it can create a push-and-pull between soft and hard, prim and edgy, darling and daring. When paired with slim-fitting jeans, it elevates a casual ensemble to new heights, giving it a defiant streak. Because of both its connection to biker culture and its depiction in pop culture (think of Marlon Brando wearing his jacket in the 1953 motorcycle gang flick The Wild One) and, perhaps even more importantly, because of its association with rock ‘n’ roll fashion (think of The Clash, The Ramones, Bono, Slash, Joan Jett, Billy Idol, and all the others who hit the stage with their favorite leather pieces), the motorcycle jacket exudes a rebellious energy, a bad-to-the-bone air that’s irresistible precisely because it feels forbidden and dangerous.

It’s only natural, then, that when two New York-bred fashion trendsetters — NYLON magazine’s Style Editor-at-Large Dani Stahl and fashion designer Martí Horwitz, founder of the 4-year-old line Martí— joined forces to create a capsule collection for Calypso St. Barth, they decided on exploring the intricacies of the motorcycle jacket. The Martí x Dani Stahl for Calypso capsule collection consists of three pieces: a black motorcycle jacket, a printed motorcycle jacket, and a black biker vest. Needless to say, the three pieces reflect the collaborators’ love of fine leather — in fact, they were all made using naked, unblemished lambskin — but they also speak to each party’s individual aesthetic in a way that’s cohesive, incorporating Calypso’s signature block print design on their linings and featuring zippers, epaulettes, and other urban chic finishings.

Pictured above at top is the Martí x Dani Stahl for Calypso St. Barth Moto Leather Jacket ($895 at CalypsoStBarth.com). At first glance, this jacket looks pretty and yet unremarkable in the sense of being rather expected. Once you look closely, however, the details start to manifest themselves. First, there’s the Calypso block print on the inner lining, which lends the piece a free-spirited, Bohemian vibe. Next, there’s the fact that all of the zippers — from the asymmetrical side zipper along the front to those along the sleeves’ cuffs — are a rose gold tone, a nice change from the typical gold or silver hues. Its soft texture and body-hugging silhouette make it feel feminine and modern, while the classicality of the design makes it feel timeless.

 The second jacket in the collection has more of an authoritative Calypso St. Barth stamp on it — literally. The Martí x Dani Stahl for Calypso St. Barth Block Printed Leather Jacket ($115o at CalypsoStBarth.com), shown second above, is made of a buttery soft cream lambskin and features the brand’s rich burgundy floral print, along with contrasting blocks of burgundy color along the interior of the front plackets, the bottom sweep hem, and the sleeve hems. As with its black counterpart, this piece features rose gold hardware: an asymmetrical side zipper, long sleeve hem zippers, flattened studs along the collar edges, and so forth. I personally prefer the crisp black moto jacket and find this design a bit too busy and the colors a bit too dowdy, but I do appreciate how this piece experiments with branding garments in a less glaring manner.

Since the weather doesn’t always call for long-sleeved jackets, the collection also incorporates the Martí x Dani Stahl for Calypso St. Barth Moto Leather Vest ($695 at CalypsoStBarth.com), which is practically a replica of the Moto Leather Jacket but which eschews the latter’s sleeves.

Not only does this collection solidify the biker jacket’s place in contemporary fashion, but it shows the steps Calypso St. Barth is taking to diversify its design offerings while remaining true to its free-spirited roots, its affinity for Bohemian and easy-going, breezy, effortlessly stylish pieces.

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