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Harness the Cosmic Energy of the Thalé Blanc Zodiac Petite Clutch

I’ve always been fascinated by Walter Mercado — after all, the man has been predicting our fates, as outlined by the stars, for over 40 years now (longer than Susan Miller!), all the while rocking some serious Liberace-esque fashions. Still, my fascination has never revolved around Walter’s purported divination abilities. Instead, I’ve spent years speculating about his face lifts and surgical procedures, the source of his gaudy and heavily embellished jackets and capes (does he sew them himself?), and wondering whether he practices all those facial expressions and hand mannerisms in the mirror. Never did I ruminate about the accuracy of inaccuracy of his astrological predictions — after all, I’ve always thought of horoscopes as glorified fortune cookies, tiny passages written authoritatively to make them appear more credible and incorporating vague enough events and references so as to be applicable to practically anyone. Still, I recognize that many do not share my skepticism and that, even if they’re hesitant to accept these astrological assertions as irrefutable truths, they can appreciate the whimsy of it all.

Whether you check your horoscope daily or you dismiss astrological predictions as absolute hogwash, chances are you can appreciate the pop culture appeal and visual power of the twelve zodiac sign symbols. In the last two years, fashion, jewelry, and handbag designers have all flirted with astrological motifs. Recently, actress Katie Lowes, who plays Quinn in ABC’s Scandal, was spotted at the Entertainment Weekly Pre-SAG Awards Party carrying the Thalé Blanc Zodiac Libra Clutch ($395 at ThaleBlanc.com), made of a black smoked plexi material and featuring gold brass hardware.

Measuring 5.5″ in length, 3.5″ in height, and 1.25″ in width, each rectangular Thalé Blanc Zodiac Petite clutch features a hexagonal shape on its front panel, the geometric shape’s interior featuring a lighter shade than that of the plexi outside its perimeter and an illustration of a specific zodiac sign symbol located in its center. The plexiglass material, meanwhile, has a natural transparency to it but its smoky color lends it a shadowy feel that seems perfectly appropriate for a realm that’s mysterious and occult.

Below, you’ll find the clutch pertaining to each astrological sign. Is buying one of these beauties in the stars for you?












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