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Order in the Home! Get Organized with these Clever Storage Solutions

We’ve all been there: stacks of unopened mail sit upon dusty office desks or kitchen tables; dainty necklaces lurk inside overcrowded jewelry boxes, their chains tangled into knots that would even dumbfound Houdini; post-it notes turn into coffee mug coasters, their messages unnoticed; and piles of clothing explode out of dresser drawers like Jack-in-the-Box contraptions. Sound all too familiar? Then perhaps it’s time to get your affairs in order — literally. Sure, you can dust, sweep, mop, and neaten your piles of junk but, unless there’s a proper place for them, they’ll likely return to a state of entropy. These storage solutions, then, will help you find a new home for everything from pencils and paper clips to keys, necklaces, clothes, letters, cell phones, and remote controls.


Best of Boat Worlds Desk Organizer Set, $64.99. Available at Modcloth.com

Sure you could upcycle a coffee tin and turn it into a perfectly functional cylindrical pencil holder, but nothing could ever make that cup look like the vessel in the Love Boat! This modular desk organizer system is comprised of six porcelain containers, each white with blue accent stripes meant to mimic the ship’s hull and featuring circular indentations along the sides meant to resemble portholes. The containers range from 1.25″ to 4.5″ in height and from 1.25″ to 2.5″ in length, and you can choose in which vessel to place your knickknacks: pencils, scissors, rulers, and pens in the tallest one; push pins or paper clips in the shallowest ones; and so forth.


Plum & Bow Hanging Cloud Jewelry Stand, $19. Available at UrbanOutfitters.com

Few things frustrate me as much as tangled necklaces and, when you keep all of your dainty chains inside a jewelry box, that’s a scenario you’re likely to encounter rather often. Fortunately, this clever jewelry stand can make tangled necklaces a thing of the past. Shaped like a perky cloud, this wall-mounted jewelry display features 24 hooks on which to hang everything from miniature chains with initial-shaped pendants and dainty heart-shaped charms to chunky statement necklaces with interwoven ribbons, curb chains, and clustered crystals.



IMAX Hadley Boxes, $93.69 for Set of 3. Available at Wayfair.com

Need to get rid of unnecessary clutter but don’t want to rely on lifeless plastic bins or cardboard boxes? Then choose a set of boxes that can actually contribute to a room’s overall décor while also functioning as storage alternatives. This set features three boxes that can be neatly stacked atop one another to create a pyramid-like shape. The largest box measures 13″ in height, 18.2″ in width, and 7.75″ in depth and features a nautical-inspired print consisting of ink blue life preservers. The medium-sized box, meanwhile, measures 10″ in height, 16.25″ in width, and 6/5″ in depth, and it features a Marrakech-flavored star design. Lastly, the smallest box measures 8.75″ in height, 14″ in width, and 5.25″ in depth, and it features turquoise-toned stripes that intersect to create elongated diamond shapes.


Seletti Suburbia Wall Storage, $306. Available at Yliving.com

Melvina Reynolds’ “Little Boxes” comes to mind when you regard the “Suburbia” storage unit designed by Seletti. But here’s the difference: though this design pokes fun at the cookie cutter houses made of ticky tacky that abound in suburban housing developments, the wall organizer itself is unlike anything we’ve ever seen. When you lay Suburbia flat, then, you’ll see what resembles a model version of a neighborhood replete with homes, fences, trees, and even a swimming pool. Once you hang that board on the wall, however, and view it from a different perspective, you’ll notice that the swimming pool is actually a mirror; a yard is actually a cork board on which to pin memos and Post-it notes; trees are actually hooks from which to hang keys; and fences are actually tiny shelves on which to prop bottles of White-Out, nail lacquer tubes, and more.





IKEA LUNS Writing/Magnetic Board, $14.99. Available at Ikea.com

Chalkboards are no longer schoolmarm fare. More than ever, we’re seeing flour, sugar, and spice containers with chalkboard labels; office-ready signs and boards with chalkboard panels in which to label items and write notes.  This wood-trimmed board, measuring 19″ x 28″, features a black chalkboard panel in which you can write notes — from to-do lists to doctor’s appointment reminders, telephone numbers, and grocery lists — and which has a magnetic surface so that you can post any notes therein. Along the lower rim of the board, meanwhile, there’s a slot in which to slide important pieces of mail and, dangling from the very bottom, you’ll find two hooks on which to hang keys.


Spinning Bird Jewelry Stand, $32. Available at UrbanOutfitters.com

I have two of these propped atop the bureau in my bedroom, and I can honestly say they’ve been life-changing purchases. Each jewelry stand requires no assembly (hooray for that!), and it features four tiers of circular slots with tiny perforations so that you can secure your earrings therein. The three scroll-shaped iron pieces at the top add a decorative flair to the piece, while the bird propped at the very top of the spinning stand adds a charming feel.


Hair Styling Station, $17.99. Available at OrganizeIt.com

Don’t want to just stash your heat styling tools under the bathroom sink, their cables becoming tangled? Then keep them nice and neat inside this styling station, constructed out of stainless steel mesh and featuring a heat resistant base. The roomy pockets accommodate blowdriers, curling irons, and flat irons, while a back pocket can store combs, brushes, and cords. Best of all, you can hang this storage caddy on a towel rack or in a cabinet — wherever it’s least obtrusive.


CB2 Skyline Desk Organizer, $12.95. Available at CB2.com

You’ll have a Howard Roark-ian moment with this desk organizer, designed to resemble an architectural cityscape. Made of black plastic and measuring 6″ in width and 4″ in height, this desk accessory features three pen holders and a wider but shallower slot in which to store your cell phone.


Remote Control Container, $20. Available at MomaStore.org

I sometimes wish I could call my remote control much like I do when I lose my cell phone (which is embarrassingly often, I might add!). If, like me, you’re always looking for the TV, cable box, WiiU, or DVD player remote control in between couch cushions, under rumpled sheets and even in nutty places like the refrigerator, then you’ll appreciate the idea of a single place that can hold all these electronic devices. Designed by Jamie and Mark Antoniades, this sculptural container is made of non-slip rubber and can hold up to four devices or remote controls.


Scroll Wall Mount Letter Holder, $14.39. Available at Target.com

A surefire way to eliminate the clutter on your desk: utilizing the wall space around you. This metallic letter holder features three shelves in which you can sort bills, letters, invoices, periodicals, and more, plus five pegs along the bottom allow you to hang your house, office, and car keys in one central location.
Large Acrylic Makeup Organizer, $34.99. Available at TheContainerStore.com
Beauty hounds will love this gizmo, which features several compartments in which to stash eyeshadow palettes, fragrances, makeup brushes, foundation, hair accessories, and more. Measuring 12 1/2″ in length, 8 3/8″ in width, and 3 5/8″ in height, this clear makeup organizer even comes with twelve square slots in which to tuck in lipstick tubes.
Umbra Yours And Mine Over-the-Door Hook Set, $20. Available at Umbra.com
Do you and your spouse or roommate argue over  who is taking up more of the wall hooks or who is dominating the coat rack? Then designate a space for each of your things with these over-the-door hooks. Both the “Yours” and “Mine” metal hook measure 12 1/2″ in length and they can be placed side-by-side or staggered so that one falls slightly above the other. Each hook can hold up to 12 pounds, which means you can place statement necklaces, scarves, light cardigans, and more on your rack, while your beau can keep his belts and ties on his.
Ikea Pallra Box, $9.99. Available at Ikea.com
This mustard yellow box resembles a retro hat box, and it features three levels of storage so that you can neatly stash bracelets, photos, hair barrettes, brooches, sewing supplies, or postcards and mementos.
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